Kadaria (kadaria) wrote in bad_service,

Can Haz! Cheezburger resolved.


A person from customer service at Cheezeburger finally got in touch with me about 2 days after the post. She emailed me after trying to call me twice (I usually don't answer if I'm not expecting a call and I don't recognize the number) and asked if I would like another shirt shipped or a refund.
I chose to have another shirt shipped and verified my address. Customer service emailed me again to let me know that the shirt had been shipped and would show up in 7-10 days.
It arrived on the 7th day and my only complaint was that I ordered a 2XL (which shows up in all the emails I've had with Cheezeburger) and an XL was shipped. Fortunately while it is a little snug it still fits me and I will wear it.
Tags: follow-up, resolution
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