bonnie leigh (guestrooms) wrote in bad_service,
bonnie leigh

I was having dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant earlier this evening and I ordered a salad with Italian dressing. I asked the waiter if it was a vinaigrette or a creamy dressing. He told me it was vinaigrette. What he ended up putting in front of me looked something like this but thicker. I questioned him about it and told him that I thought he said it was a vinaigrette type of dressing. His response: "It IS". I was like, "No.. It's not." He kept insisting he was right and I finally said, "Look, the point is I don't like it, whatever it is, and I would like something else, please. Can I get soup instead?" Him: "No, I'll leave you with the salad." Wow.

Yes, I did speak to the manager but he didn't seem to take me very seriously. His response was "I'll take care of it" and didn't seem bothered by the server's behavior at all. Needless to say I won't be returning anytime soon. Or ever.
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