Teri Smith (kitchenqueen) wrote in bad_service,
Teri Smith

Witnessed bad_service at the library, of all places!

My family and I are frequent patrons of our library. We are there often enough that our kids are on a first-name basis with the librarians, and by and large, all of the staff are made of awesome. We've volunteered at the FoL booksale, and my husband got to know a lot of the staff during a grad-school project that he was working on.

Yesterday, we were at the library from 3-4:30 pm, and during this time, my husband stayed downstairs in the children's library with the kids while I had a little time to browse the stacks in the adult library upstairs.

A child came screaming through the upstairs screaming for his grandmother. He was obviously in distress and not being a brat at all. I looked around to see if there was a grandmotherly-type person around - maybe he had just momentarily lost sight of her and the problem would be solved. I did not see one, and as I moved to help this poor child, a library employee sitting at the reference assistance desk in the CD/DVD/Fiction section looked a this little boy, scowled at him, put her finger to her lips and loudly said, "SHHHHH!" Then she went back to reading her book. She made no moves to help him, though he was CLEARLY lost and upset.

One of the other librarians left the circulation desk and ran over to help the boy, so my assistance was not needed. The grandmother was located within seconds and all was well once more.

Needless to say, I was quite upset at what happened. I told my husband what happened, and he suggested that I talk to Terri or Irene, two of the ladies that he got to know well when he was working on his project. Neither one was around, so I asked at the Reference Desk in the adult section (different from the one manned by the woman who needs lessons in being a human being) who the supervisor in charge of the CD/DVD/Fiction reference help desk was. They were happy to give me her name as well as her extension in case I wanted to call. She was not available while I was there to talk to. The reference librarian said that she was in a meeting. I saw some library staff in a meeting room downstairs, so that was probably her. I've written a letter detailing the incident and will be sending it later today.

ETA: The child was a toddler, probably 3-4 years old.

Also added: "Within seconds" doesn't mean instantaneously. It took probably a good 25-30 seconds to locate the grandmother.
Tags: as featured on sf_d, can you guys fucking play nice for once?, get off my driveway/porch/lawn!, library, maybe they were zombies, wank
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