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The Sucky Sears Saga

Tuesday 3/9: Our washing machine breaks, call Sears we say hey come fix our machine. They say, ok we service your area on Thursdays, we can come this Thursday. Great we think. Then they offer us the Sears Service Agreement (SSA). It's 214.95 but covers all parts and labor, we accept and pay in advance over the phone, all is well. We're told we'll be emailed a copy of the agreement the right away.

Wednesday 3/10: We call, hey we never received the agreement, they apologize, and promise to re-email it, still not received

Thursday 3/11: Guy shows up at 2:45, sure that's cutting it close, but it's still before 3. He "fixes" the washer. He tells us this washer is too old to qualify for the SSA, that we weren't charged and will have to pay him for parts and labor, er ok. We pay 157.71. He leaves. We attempt to do laundry, well the column is moving now, but just barely. We balk, really, it's not fixed? WTF We call Sears, we explain the problem, oh really, we're told we *were* charged the SSA fee, great, so we've paid twice for something that we haven't received. They promise to cancel the SSA fee. We request that the re-repair happen on Saturday, as we both missed a day of work to stay home and wait for this guy. We're denied, Thursday only they say. It this point we're tired, I say just hang up, we'll handle it tomorrow. So we schedule for 9-1 on 3/18.

Friday 3/12: BF called Sears and explains the problem, they transfer him like 4 times, then leave him on hold for 15 minutes, he's at work so he has to hang up. He calls to tell me this, and I'm pissed, they're just jerking us around. I call, I speak to 3 different people. I try to explain that they must understand that people can't just miss tons of work, esp in these times, we've already missed a day, don't you think we should be accommodated so we don't have to miss again because their repairman in apparently inept. They won't budge, they say it has to be Thursday, I ask for a compromise, ok if it has to be Thursday, how about 5:30, so we don't miss work. The robot voice answers 9-1 or 11-3. I'm so frustrated at this point. So I say, how about this, can we be the very last appointment of the day, the closest to 3 that you have, and call us before he goes out there so we can leave work and be home. That way at least we're missing the least work possible. They agree, I think ok at least that's something. (Still no refund for the SSA)

3/17: Sears calls to remind us that they will be there between 9-1, having completely disregarded my request. We think fine, we'll be late as opposed to leaving early. (Still no refund for the SSA)

3/18: At 10, we call just to make sure the guy is coming. Girl goes, oh he's running late, he'll be later than one. I tell her that's absolutely unacceptable, we've already missed a day and now we're missing another one. She says she'll call the tech and call me back. 10:15 she calls me back, ok you're next on the tech's list, he's got to drive out, but you're next. We wait, and wait and wait. 12:50 tech shows up. Proceeds to argue with my BF that he fixed it correctly the first time, this is a different issue, and claims the bottom of the solid plastic column moves at a different speed as the top, cause you know how solid pieces of plastic deny physics like that. Right. He claims clothes only move at the bottom of the tub. Right buddy. Guy continues to insist he did the job properly the first time, we say, but you didn't fix the washer, that's what we asked for, he insists he did what we asked, we say, no you didn't, he tells us, "Don't you get an attitude with me" we're stunned to silence, who talks to someone like that when they're working? We ask why it took him so long to get to us (2.5 hours after we're told we're next). He replies that he didn't even know he had to come out to us again until 90 minutes ago! So the washer is fixed, and he goes down to his van to look up the price of the part on his laptop. 25 minutes later, he's still looking, we're sitting in the car, ready to go to work, just waiting. We say, hey man, we really have to go, he says go ahead, you drive away no one will ever come back to service you again. Finally he finds the part, $14.26 he says, I hold out a $20, I have no change he says, you can give me the $20, but Sears will just get the extra $5.74, there's nothing I can do. We pay with a card, warily, we ask any more charges, he says no. Thankfully there weren't. At least it's fixed now, but damn, worst service I've ever received, hands down. I'm writing to coorperate this weekend. (a week later, we're finally refunded the SSA)

ETA: I've never been mad enough to write a complaint letter, so if anyone has any tips ro suggestions, I'm more than welcome to them, thanks
Tags: department store, home improvement/repair
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