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The other day, my Fly Boo LOL and I went to Denny's to grab some late lunch. We were sat, and the server came over to take our drink order. I ordered the Cherry Cherry Limeade, which is something like $2.59, with free refills. FBL and I needed another minute to decide what we want to eat, so the server said she would be right back. She was polite at this point, and FBL and I were polite, so we didn't see this coming.

When the server, I'll call her Jane for simplicity's sake, came back to take our orders, she asked FBL what he wanted. He said to go ahead and get my order first, and Jane huffed, 'Fine.' Okay, a bit odd, but whatever.

By the time Jane brought our food out, FBL and I were both ready for refills on our drinks. She asked FBL if he wanted more tea, and he said he did. She didn't ask me (my glass was empty as well), and before I could tell her that I would like another, she left the table. When she brought FBL's tea back, I tried again to ask for a refill, but she ignored me. FBL gave me the water that he had ordered with his tea so I would have something to drink until Jane came back to check on us, so I shrugged it off.

Well, Jane never came back to check on us, and I tried multiple times to get her attention as she tended to her two other tables, one of which was right next to ours. She would look at me, but that was it. I left my empty glass on the end of the table so she could see it, since my 'excuse mes' and waves were getting me nowhere. Jane started walking around other tables so she didn't pass ours. I was getting annoyed, FBL was getting annoyed, but at this point Jane was ignoring both of us.

FBL finished his food, and I had a couple of bites left of mine, and that's when Jane decided she would make another visit to our table. As she was taking FBL's plate and asking him how everything tasted, she looked at me and asked if I wanted more to drink. 'No, thank you. I'm finished with my meal', I said, and pointed at the two fries that were on my plate. I told her that I was trying to get her attention before, and she shrugged, mumbled 'sorry', and took the plates away. Seriously?

When she was bringing the bill, Jane asked if I wanted a drink to go. I said I didn't, that I would have preferred to have it with my meal. She asked me what I wanted her to do about that now, since we were obviously leaving, and walked away.

FBL and I went up to pay the bill, hoping that maybe we could talk to a manager, but he was not available. We told the server who was at the till about it, and she said she'd tell somebody. Okay.

FBL's solution? Deduct the rough cost of my drink from the tip he was going to leave Jane ($6.00 on a ~$21.00 bill), leaving her only $3.00. That may make him a sucky customer, but he left her more than I would have. I wouldn't have left her anything but an explanation of the $0.00 on the tip line. She actively ignored us for the entire meal, in a restaurant with only four other tables (only two appeared to be hers), and had an attitude when I told her what the problem was.
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