robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

Cool with mistakes...not with lying.

There is a sub shop I and my coworkers have been going to since the company moved here about seven years ago. I really liked them. After today I won't be going back.

I called in a pick-up order for a small Italian sub with the works toasted. I went, gave them my order number and took the sub back to work. When I opened it I first noticed it was cold, not toasted. Then I saw the mayo and I knew this wasn't the sub I ordered.

So, I head back to my car. It's kind of annoying because it's a 20 to 30 minute round trip depending on the lights but mistakes happen. I call them about half way there when I am stopped at a light and they tell me that they know about the mix up. They apologize and tell me they have my sub waiting for me.

I tell them that I don't really want a cold sub or one that's reheated and ask them to re-make the order. Person on the phone seems a bit put off by this at first but then agrees.

When I walk in the sub is ready and waiting for me which seems odd since there is almost no way they could have made it and toasted it in the 5-7 minutes since I called. I apologize about asking them to re-make the sub and explain that if it had been a cold sub I would have been fine with it being 30 or 40 minutes old but since it was hot I really wanted it fresh and I ask again, "You did re-make the sub right? This isn't the old one re-heated?". They say yes we re-made the sub.

I get back to work and as you probably guessed it was the old sub reheated. Wilted hot lettuce (that tends to happen when you put a whole sub including veggies into the oven to heat it). Soggy sub roll with the mushy bottom falling out. Blackened edges of the sub from being double toasted (the time thing...I figured they just might have been able to make the new sub if they started it right after I hung up and just put it in the oven for a minute or two to warm it without actually toasting it so the blackened roll was the nail in the coffin, I couldn't even pretend that they had re-made the sub).

So they had to waste the sub I brought back and they decided they didn't want to waste another one to actually make me what I had originally ordered. Between myself and my co-workers I would say that outright lie has just cost this place about a grand or two a year.

I know the owner. Where not friends or anything but after seven years of being in there on average at least once a week all the employees know my voice, my name, my face. Hell one day my car was in the shop and I was using my wife's. I went in there for lunch and as soon as I walked through the door two employees started asking me where my car was and if that was my new car.

I could complain to John, the owner. I'm sure he would apologize and he would probably give me a free sub too. I'm also sure he would talk to the employees and they would tell him that they did make a new sub. I'm also sure that the next time I called in an order the person on the phone would know who I am from my voice and know that I was the one who complained to their boss and tried to get them in trouble. Complain or not, it works out to the same result, I won't be going back there.

tldr: Sub shop gives me the wrong sub and I'm OK with that. They want to give me the original hot sub I ordered that will be 30-40 minutes old by the time I get back their. I ask for the sub to be re-made and they agree. I confirm the sub was re-made when I pick it up and they say yes it was. They lied.
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