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A WTF and a Perfect Storm (Medical Billing)

I'm having medical issues, so there's been a few doctor's visits recently. Normally, it's simple: I pay my co-pay, and they mention if lab work's being done. The way my insurance works, if they do labwork in house, then it's 100% covered. If it's sent out, then it falls under my deductible. My normal doctor sends out, but one instance, I had to visit my old doctor in TN (home for vacation). This story starts in July.

So the Perfect Storm...

The Post Office

My parents have lived at the same address for 26 years. Approximately 10 months ago, someone at the post office decided that they no longer lived at "3745 Blah Blah Drive" but at "3765 Blah Blah Drive". This is a good half-mile down the road, and while there are people there, they didn't seem to be to quick to get the mail to my parents (as they shouldn't have to!). All bills, magazines, etc. were sent back to the sender marked to the effect of "no longer lives at 3745, please update records to 3645". They are still fighting this, because they've talked to the postal lady who usually delivers, and she's said she knows where they live, and will deliver to their mailbox no matter what the address says, but apparently her sub has issues, so at least 1 day a week, they get no mail unless they wait til the neighbors get home and drive down the street.

The Doctor's Office

Since I was last at the TN doctor, I have gotten married, changed my name, moved, and gotten new insurance. I updated all of this. The remainder of *their* bill came to me. They neglected, however, to pass this information on.

The Lab

I had no idea that the lab was ever involved. I pee in a cup, the nurse looked at the urinalysis, and go "yup! UTI" (for the 3rd time in 8 weeks, but I digress). Apparently it was then sent out for a culture (never got results for that, come to think of it). I go on about my merry way, until the end of February. At which point, I get a call from my mom, who first apologized for opening mail addressed to me (I don't care, I haven't lived there in 10 years, any mail there should be junk). She then tells me that it's a notice to pay $89 to the lab, or it will go against my credit!

1.) First notice received. Thanks post office.
2.) Why are they sending it to my parent's house? They should have my info! Thanks Dr.'s office.
3.) It didn't go against my insurance. It went against the insurance my parents had 10 years ago (and in my maiden name). Again, thanks Dr.'s office.

So far, I can't blame the lab. I call and talk to in-house collections/billing,and they update all of my information. I even give them my cell phone number and fax over my insurance card. I'd rather eat the $89 than have it go against my credit, but they assure me they'll apply my insurance and I'll get an updated bill.

Until today. I'd been calling 2x a week or so for the last 2 weeks for a status update. No dice, apparently whoever I talked to the first time is now my handler, and I can't speak to anyone else. She's always busy/lunch/etc. I've left messages, but haven't gotten a call back. I don't stress too much, because I've got alot on my plate (other medical issues), and they know how to get ahold of me, right?

Nope. Mom got a letter today stating I was now going to be charged interest due to non-response. Way to update the account guys. I'm so incredibly furious right now, I'm not sure what to do. I guess I'm just glad the post office actually delivered it.

I had an ultrasound done end of December at OhioHealth, and paid $75 upfront because that's what they calculated my deductible would be. December 31st, I get a bill that says $0, and shows submitted to insurance. Fast forward to last week, I get a notice that goes on and on about how times were tough, and I could work out a payment plan, but if I didn't contact them in a week, it would go against my credit ... for $7.20!. My Explanation of Benefits said I should have only paid ~$50 or so for the ultrasound, but I panic, and call the billing office. The very nice lady said there was a glitch in the system and the collection notices had gone out before 2nd notices, and I wasn't being sent to collections for 30 days. I figured, pay the $7.20, figure out the EoB later. I paid it on Friday. Today, I get a check from OhioHealth for $35 dollars as overpayment.........

I hope it quasi-makes sense. I'm confused and I'm in the middle of it!

tl;dr: Post office decides my parents don't live where they do. Dr's office doesn't update my information. Lab doesn't update my information or return calls. OhioHealth simultaneously bills me for $7.20 and refunds me $35.

edit: because what's the point of cuts if you screw them up?:) ETA2: Apparently the second cut hates me. I give up!

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