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Once Burned, Twice Shy

It's been about a year since this bit of bad service took place, but the combination of chestismyhero and becomingun's entries made me remember it.

About a year ago, near the beginning of April, I was working on a costume for an event that required a blond wig. Sadly, the one I originally bought was of decidedly low quality, so I needed another one, and quickly. A friend directed me to the ebay seller lippenundspitzen.

All seemed to go well. I found a wig that would work, and asked if she wouldn't be able to ship it so that it would arrive within a week. She said that wouldn't be a problem. I paid her, bought another wig I needed from a separate vendor, and left a happy camper.

Fast forward to the next week. Because the event was near a friend's dorm and I would be sleeping there, I had both the wig from lippenundspitzen and the other wig shipped there, rather than hauling them up with me. When I got there, the wig from the other vendor had already arrived and was ready to go. Lippenundspitzen's wig, however, was nowhere to be found. I waited for the mail check that day, and the day after, and it still didn't show up. I was effectively without the wig I was promised by the date it was promised. I sent her an email (which, I will admit, carried a tone of immense irritation), and went to get some hair dye as a last minute fix.

The next day, she sent me an email saying that she had a receipt saying that the item was delivered. I sent an email back saying that this was not the case. She replied that she'd been quite ill lately, and because she didn't want me to mark her down and negatively effect her rating, she wanted very much to work with me on the problem. So, I was miffed, but since she was willing to work with me, okay.

I asked for the tracking number for the product so that I could call USPS and see what was going on. At the same time, I noted how much time I had left to file a grievance with Paypal for my own personal reference, but it sounded like that wasn't going to be necessary.

A week went by. Nothing. I emailed her again. Another week of nothing. This carried on until I finally got frustrated and filed a dispute against her.

At that point, she finally emailed me back, saying again that she was ill and that was why she'd taken so long to get back to me (she'd been telling me an awful lot at this point that she'd been ill, and at the time, I believed her and cut her some slack; however, since, I've come to notice that she always seemed to reply suspiciously quickly when I threatened to and/or did escalate). She gave me the tracking number, and I opened a case with USPS. A few days later, I got a call back, and they explained the situation to me: apparently, UPS had delivered the package, which was why she had gotten the confirmation that it was delivered. However, they also had records saying that it was apparently returned to the USPS office (on a weekend, I will note, that my friend was away visiting a friend of hers) and sent back to the sender. However, the tracking tag had apparently been torn off when it reached San Francisco, so there was no record of it after that. Basically, we were fucked.

I explained the situation to the seller, and we agreed to work it out between the two of us. At that point, I was running out of time before I had to escalate or drop the dispute.

Now, this is where I fully admit that I went wrong. She said that she would be willing to work with me on a resolution, and given how pleased I was with how things were going, I chose to trust her and not escalate the situation. I believed, since neither of us were at fault, it would be fair for us to split the cost of the item. I emailed her the suggestion, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I think you all know how this ended, but I'll say it anyway: she never emailed me back. Of course, I feel like a fool. I let a complete stranger convince me (quite clumsily, at that) to trust that they wouldn't take my money and run once the threat of Paypal intervention was nullified. Sadly, I also never had the opportunity to give her that less-than-brilliant rating, since eBay apparently decided I wasn't going to review by then and deleted the option.

Needless to say, I haven't bought from her since, and have instead moved on to a more reliable wig seller (onlywig, for anyone interested). However, what does everyone here think? Was this a failure on the wig seller's part? USPS's? The college? Or was it just some dumb girl being just too naive for her own good, and a seller who nearly got screwed out of her hard earned money?
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