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Assigned Covered Parking Enforcement

(A Letter to my apartment complex)

To put it bluntly, the enforcement of your assigned covered parking is abysmal.

This evening I arrived home from work to discover that a white truck
was parked in my space. Because of this, I was forced to park in the
"general" parking area at the fence line some distance from my

I began my quest to get this truck towed by calling the Dana Point
main number, and pressing "0" to get the answering service. The
answering service provided me with a number that they claimed was the
tow service. It, however, was not. It was the number for the courtesy
officer. I asked the courtesy officer if he had the number for the
towing service, and he did not. (Which I found odd, as how is the
courtesy officer supposed to have a car towed, if he doesn't have the
number). The officer suggested that I look around the parking lot, as
it was a city ordinance that a sign must be posted with the towing
service information.

So, off I go into the parking lot, and I did find one sign, all the
way at the front of the complex. So, I take the number, go home, and
call this service. The lady on the other end informed me that they do
have a contract with Dana Point, but it was on call only, and such
calls can ONLY be made by the management.

So, to sum up, in order to get a car towed, the towing company must be
called by management....in the middle of the night, when no one is

I can only assume then, that no cars are in fact being towed. That
your "assigned parking" is a myth, and is merely an honor system,
whereby you Hope that your "assigned" space is not taken.

As a customer who was enticed by this benefit as a reason for moving
to your complex, I am not impressed. Please tell me how you plan to
fix this policy and it's implementation?
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