Verstehen (mysticblossom) wrote in bad_service,

Cheesecake Factory

Before I begin, let me just clarify a couple of things: the staff at the Cheesecake Factory we went to, and even the staff on the phone, have been absolutely lovely.  It's whoever is specifically responsible for this problem (and we don't know yet who that is) that we're mad at.  Also, if this turns out to be the work of some random thief, I'll delete it, but at this point, it really looks like it was due to some sort of incompetence.

My dad buys dental supplies from a company that allows buyers to build up credits towards gift card purchases.  He keeps those and all the other gift cards rubber banded in a compartment of his car.  Among the gift cards he redeemed, he got a few for the Cheesecake Factory, issued by the restaurant, not the dental supply company.

Today we finally decided to use them, and had an absolutely fabulous lunch.  Time came to pay, he gives them the gift cards, and we are told they're all showing up as zero balance.  Which is weird, considering the fact that we've never used them.  So my dad calls the number on the back of the card, and the person he talks to says that they were all used by a Cheesecake Factory in Maryland about four days ago.  We're in upstate NY.  I don't think anyone in our household has ever even been to Maryland, especially considering my dad and I are the only people in our household who can drive.

So the card services gives him the corporate number.  He calls, they seem genuinely surprised, but they can't do anything at the moment.  Dad ends up just paying for the bill, but he calls them and the dental supply company so that they know that the restaurants they partner with are giving their customers faulty cards.  At this point, he's waiting for calls from people higher up than the ones he was able to get a hold of, but the only solution the Cheesecake Factory people could think of was that their treasury issued multiple cards with the same number, so unless someone broke into my dad's car just to steal the numbers off the gift cards, I can really only guess that someone at the card issuing place screwed up.
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