Himeko-chan (loser_loser) wrote in bad_service,

Sallie mae maybe bad service?

My boyfriend has loans through Sallie Mae, and his monthly payment is about $1,000. We really really can't afford that, so we requested forbearance. We had to send in a $150 fee though, which we did as a check. It was cashed, but.. he didn't get approved for forbearance.

He called them, and they said that they never got it. They told him to fax in the records to show proof we did. Well, obviously we're going to do that, but... somebody cashed it.. and we sent it to Sallie Mae? I just don't get it? I think this is pretty bad service. They were rude on the phone and kept asking my boyfriend "Do you have the records?, We need the records." Any advice?
Tags: *banking/finance

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