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I wouldn't wanna be a serf in this Burger Kingdom.

A rough day at work and as I leave the store, I decide cooking and me aren't going to mix that evening. So, I head over to the nearby Burger King and decide to order one of their new Steakhouse burgers. It's the new one with bacon, bbq sauce, and melty cheese on it. It looked delicious. Fattening, but delicious. Large Fries, a diet coke (I hate regular coke)... I'll be set.


"I'd like a Smoky Cheddar Steakhou..."


"I'd like a smoky cheddar SteakhouseXT with large fries & a diet coke."

"That's gonna take like.... 5 minutes to cook. Are you sure you want that?"

Um, yeah... I want what I ordered. I've been to this Burger King before. They're not known for being fast. If it only takes 5 minutes to get my food... I'm doing damn good.

"Yes, I still want that sandwich."

I hear an huff from the other side and she quickly gives me a total and my order appears and disappears off screen before I can check it for accuracy. She doesn't repeat my order back to me.

I pull up to window 1 and the guy there pushes the window open, thrusts out a hand. No 'Hi, how are ya?', no repeat of my total. Nothing. Just an outthrust hand. I give him money. Door slams shut. He opens the cashdrawer, stands there with my money and starts talking to someone. Door slams open, hand thrust out again. Never acknowledges my existence. Door slams shut.

Next window... The lady opens the window.

"You had the steakhouse?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

The huff again and an eye roll. Did she REALLY just roll her eyes at me?

This is when I really started to get angry. It's a sandwich that has 6 signs posted along the drivethru before you get to the order screen. A big picture of it fills your entire front window. There's a big picture on the menu board and a little picture right over the order screen... and you are personally offended I ordered it? It's only 9 o'clock at night on a weekend... you're not even on some sort of "late night menu".

She tells me to pull around to the grill parking spot, where another car already is. She hands me my receipt and a drink... the wrong size. Before I can complain, the window closes. I look on my recipe and notice I was only charged for the regular sizes.

I am already pondering my call to the manager. But I want my food. It's only going to be 5 minutes, right? Right...

5 minutes. 10 minutes. I pick up my book and start reading. Fiddle with the radio. 15 minutes. An employee comes out with two bags and hands them to the other car. 20 minutes... I pick up the phone, call the store's phone number. Busy. 25 minutes... no answer.

30 minutes. I waited 30 minutes before I get someone on the phone. I ask where my food is, and the woman who identifies herself as the manager apologizes. She says my food will be right out. Shortly there after, she comes out with a bag and apologizes again, saying that the employee had handed my bag to the other car. Then she proceeds to call the employee a couple of derogatory terms that some Italians reserve for gays and blacks. Yeah, so I had to wait 40 minutes for fast food and now I'm treated to the Intolerance Floor Show. I take my food and drive away.

As I'm driving home, I get a fry. Cold. Sandwich? Cold. Diet Coke? Warming... and not diet.

Oh, and they left the bacon off the sandwich.

tl;dr: Order highly advertised Burger King sandwich, set off chain of events that lead to 40 minute wait and a display of both intolerance and incompetence. And they still messed up the order. But I can't say that the lady who took my order didn't warn me.
Tags: *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want
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