Crazy Meg of Bedlam (smu) wrote in bad_service,
Crazy Meg of Bedlam

Sallie Mae and the six cent late fee

Oh, Sallie Mae... I just got off the phone dealing with them and I am just boggling over this...

I have everything sent to me weekly because I have had problems with them before. I make sure everything is done by mail so that I have paper records. A few weeks ago, I received the payment info for my Feb payment, which listed a six cent late fee. Concerned and confused, I immediately called Sallie Mae.

I spoke to a very nice women who assured me it was a computer error that they were already aware of. She apologized for it and told me to pay my regular amount. So I wrote them a check for the regular amount and sent it to them. Later that week my father, who cosigned the loan, received a letter stating I was behind by six cents. I told him I had straightened it out. We had a good laugh. Six cent late fee, really? Oh that Sallie Mae...

Today I received payment info for March STILL saying I had a late fee of six cents. I called again, prepared with bank statements saying all of my payments had been received on time as well as February's paperwork that had included the fee as well. This time I spoke to a woman who was rude and barely spoke to me. I gave her all my information and told her I had called before and was told it was a known computer error. She refused to believe me, treated me like a deadbeat (over six cents!) and sometimes simply did not reply to anything I said. I asked if there was any note on my account about me calling in before and there was just silence. She hadn't put me on hold, I could still hear office noises but she was silent. I said "hello?" a few times before she finally, exasperatedly, said "I'm here".

She put me on hold for about ten minutes while she "investigated" and then came back by saying she was sending out a "research report" to find out what the problem was. She noted that I had always paid the full amount on time but also told me there was no such computer error. When asked what I should do with my next payment she said "I don't know, pay it, I guess? The regular amount". She had no answer for me when I asked if April's payment would also show a six cent late fee. She was unable to give me a case number or any name or department I could get in touch with to see if this was fixed. When I asked how I'd know she told me to "just call back in fourteen business days" and then went into her ending call script.

I'm worried that it will go on my credit report and that April's statement will also show another six cent late fee. It's ludicrous, I've never heard of a six cent fee. Each statement I get with this fee also tells me to pay a day before I usually have to. In short, I have no idea what is going on. It's just so freaking weird!
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