wintersnight (wintersnight) wrote in bad_service,

I am so angry at Royal Mail right now. For the second time this week they have left parcels outside my door when there's been no-one in. The first time it was an external hard drive I'd ordered from Amazon and luckily I was only out for about 15 minutes so it wasn't outside long. But today I came from work and found another parcel in full view out front. It wouldn't be so bad if they tried to disguise the fact with the doormat or something, but they just leave it for anyone to pop up the drive and nick. It's not the first time its happened and I should have complained then, but never got round to it. This time however I definitely will.

Also I ordered a second-hand children's book that was published in 1985 and when it arrived it had significant ripping and portions of 3 pages missing. Am I justified in complaining about it given the age of the book? None of the damage was mentioned in the description and the condition was given as 'very good'.
Tags: delivering bad service, online store/subscription, postal service
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