She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

Hi there.

I'm new.

This happened a few weeks ago, but I am still pretty ticked about it.

Whenever I order pizza, I typically do it online. I find it easier personally, especially if it's a night that the phones are probably ringing off of the hook. So, I placed my order, put my usual driver tip right on my debit card, and waited for my pie.

An hour later, my food shows up. Granted, an hour is a pretty long time to wait, but I wasn't upset. I was a delivery driver for a very short span of time, and I know the job is right up there with fast food - it sucks. He hands me my card slip, which I sign without looking at (I usually check the amounts when I put it into my check register), and trades me for my food.

I smile and say thanks, and go to close my door. He (he being an older man, not some punk kid) sticks out his hand, preventing me from closing my door, and says demands: "Tip."

Me: "I put a tip on the card."
Him: "No, no tip on card!"

So, I look at the slip, and sure enough somehow the system goofed and didn't include the tip. At this point he enters my apartment as if he was not going to leave until I tipped him, let the door close behind him, and once again demanded "Tip!" I told him that he needed to leave my apartment before I called the police.

Now, I've been a driver. I've been a waitress. I never, ever do not tip, unless it is by way of freak accident like the one that happened here. Had he left and not said anything, I would have noticed the total being short as soon as I looked at the slip, and I would have called and seen if I could put a tip on my card, and it would have been a better tip than the inital one was going to be. However, do NOT stand there and demand a tip from me. It's rude. I realize not getting tipped is frustrating. Furthermore, do not enter my home and close the door without being invited to do so. It's scary.

Needless to say I called and made a manager aware this happened. Is it too much to ask to not have my pizza delivery person scare the shit out of me because online ordering glitched?
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