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Landlord + Owner suckage Update!

He’s an update on my current dispute with our landlord.

We’ve faxed over photos and gave copies to our landlord too. Now on the last day he can legally give us evidence, he does. Thanks =/

He’s saying our photos are lying, and hiding "invisible damage". Excuse me? Yes, It actually says "invisible damage" on his statement.

He’s also saying it cost $6,000 to fix my roommate’s previous apartment. Though the receipts he provides only amount to $200. WHICH WE OFFERED TO PAY BUT HE DECLINED BACK IN SEPTEMBER. He was also allowed to rent another apartment from them, if the previous apartment was so horrible why did they let him rent again?

And the only time they bring up this $6000 is when we start a dispute with them, six months later. How do you forget about $6000 for six months?!

And now they say it’s going to cost $4400 to replace our carpet when we move out. Yeah mmkay.

He’s photos of the carpet they HAVE to replace:
1 2 3
There's a stain on the carpet on the last picture, that's the only stain in the entire apartment. We keep that green rug there so we won't get stains on the carpets, their food dish, water bowls and litter box at night is there, we normally keep the litter box outside during the day so we won't get a smell.

And lastly to add he says in the chance we win he wants someone to come survey our carpets. BRING IT ON! That's what we've been trying to get to happen since this dispute started!
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