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"delight" was not the first word that came to mind

This happened a few months ago, but I was just emailed a "How did we do?" survey and now I'm pissed off all over again.

Someone broke into my little car by smashing the front passenger window, and I called around for quotes to replace it. Safelite quoted a decent price, but I wanted to check a few other places first. The guy I was talking to understood and offered to save my quote under my name and phone number. Their $312 quote turned out to be the best offer, so I called back to make an appointment.

The person who answered this time was either monumentally bored, seriously stoned, or both. "Apathetic" doesn't begin to cover it. He asked for my name and phone number and pulled up the quote. Then he started asking for information -- what kind of car, which window, did I plan to file an insurance claim -- stuff the first guy had used to generate the quote. I pointed out that I'd answered all of these questions once already, and he said, "Yes, it's on the quote."

With no further explanation, he continued asking me every question I had answered for the first guy. I began to wonder why they had bothered saving the first quote. At least twice, he asked me to confirm which pane needed replacing; both times I said that it was the passenger side. (This is relevant later.)

He told me that the cost would be $329. I said that the original quote was 312. He said "Oh. *pause* Okay, I fixed it. I'll email you the details." I had a bad feeling about this, but as long as things were set I wasn't going to make a fuss.

A bit later, I got an email about my appointment to have the front *driver's* side window replaced the next day for a cost of $305. Their call center had closed for the evening but the email had a local contact number. I called it first thing the next day to cancel on the grounds that if they couldn't manage to give me a consistent quote or keep track of which side needed fixing, they were bound to hurt my car.

I spoke to a lovely woman who apologized profusely. Somehow, the second customer service rep had managed to create a second service order -- something she said shouldn't have been possible -- and that screwed everything up. She seemed genuinely embarrassed, apologized some more, and offered me a 10% discount. She said she would fix the paperwork and assured me that they understood that the window in question was on the passenger side of the car.

At the shop the next day, they said the work would take about an hour. I had lunch and came back almost exactly an hour later, only to be told that the wrong piece of glass had been pulled because the work order said "driver's side." Fortunately, they were able to work out which window was actually broken and send for the correct pane. Because of the delay, the car wouldn't be ready for another half-hour. I settled in with my book to wait. Half an hour later, someone came out from the back and said it would be just a little longer.

Finally, two hours after I dropped the car off, they gave it back. Yay! Window! They took another $10 off the price and when they handed over the work order/invoice, I saw this note at the bottom: "Customer almost canceled because of poor service. Please delight!"

Yeah, they'd screwed everything up, I'd wasted an hour, and I didn't feel particularly delighted, but yay! window! Even better, I wasn't late for fetching the spouseboy from work. I moved to the passenger side, he got in the driver's side, and we did the yay! window! it goes up and down! thing. It did go up and down when you pushed the switch, but it moved very slowly while making a horrible scraping sound.

I tried to open the passenger door but pulling the handle did nothing. The lock button wasn't really interested in being functional, either. The handle on the outside did work, which was good because straddling gear shifts should really only happen in bad porn.

Once again, I called the local number first thing in the morning. Apologetic woman was even more apologetic this time, and made an appointment to have it fixed that morning. I spent another half-hour in their waiting room, but they did fix it without breaking anything else.

Back at the office and not particularly delighted, I filled our their online customer satisfaction survey. Because my response was so negative, at the end I was offered a follow-up call. Even though I said that that would be lovely, no one ever phoned.

Now, weeks later, they would like me to complete another satisfaction survey. I am not sure why exactly; perhaps they are operating on the assumption that time heals all wounds. I kind of want to fill it out but can't decide if it'd really be worth it. They didn't listen the first time, so how useful would it be to do again?
Tags: *bad service turned good then bad again, car/truck repair

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