Chickapea (that_ant_cant) wrote in bad_service,

Oh, local lingerie store.

You disappointed so hard. I had high hopes. Something high end and classy!

Unfortunately when I stepped inside my hopes were dashed. I was immediately greeted by a young woman with high heels way too old for her and eyelashes like angry caterpillars. The specifics are lost to me but our conversation went something like-

"Hi, I was looking for something particular, maybe you can help?"

Before I could give her any more specifics she cut me off saying  "We don't really have anything you'd be interested in."

"I'm actually looking for something blue, it's for my anniversary and-"

"We definitely don't have anything you would be interested in." 


I wasn't sure if they meant "huge titted like a dairy cow" or "wearing a rag on my head" but I soon figured it out, as the employees don't have inside voices. To answer the question they were asking each other as I left, what does a Muslim need with lingerie (and do I wear it under a burka)

it's part of my super secret Muslimah breeding program. And I wasn't even wearing a burka...I wasn't even wearing very modest pants. :\

If they were up on their stereotypes, they would know that (when we're allowed out of the house by our men and we're not being beaten or wrapped in bedsheets) Muslim girls can spend. We've got all that oil money, don't you know? Maybe because I don't have an accent. I sound like the nanny+ten years of Capri smoking. Sorry about that.

Whatever. I checked the website and the bras are ugly anyway.
Tags: **religious discrimination, bra banter, xenophobic screwball

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