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"We do not", said the billing woman.

SO, I get my insurance through the state. For various reasons, I need to change my insurance. Because I like my doctor, I wanted to see if his practice took any of the plans offered.

Now, I forgot the word "accepted", which lead to Phone-Answer-Girl telling me they were not legally allowed to tell me which insurance to pick. That's fine, that's not what I wanted. I then clarified that I had to change my insurance and was wondering which plans they "took". She wasn't sure if they were allowed to tell me, so she sent me to billing (that's not a suck).

Well, Billing Lady, I'll call her gave me this spiel about not being able to legally tell me what to pick and all that jazz-- again. I told her I understood that but then, having remembered the word "accepted" asked if she could tell me that. She said it would be better if I read off the plans to her (I'm guessing they take too many to list). This made sense so I read them off to her. Script format below...

BL: Billing Lady (to be played by the most Surly person in the room.)
Me: Myself (to be played by the most scatterbrained person in the room, provided they are not also the most surly.)

Me: "Plan Alpha"
BL: "..."
Me: "Plan Beta"
BL: "We do not accept that plan."
Me: "Plan Gamma"
BL: "..."
Me: "Plan Delta"
BL: "We do not accept that plan."
Me: "Plan Epsilon"
BL: "We do not accept that plan."

Now, notice that she did not indicate they do, in fact accept any. Naturally, I assumed that they do take the ones unless otherwise specified. As it turns out, they do not take plan Alpha (my much-more-helpful eye doctor's office doesn't take plan Gamma, and I use my eyecare much more than my general health, so I discounted that one).

And, this being my state, I have until the 11th to pick one or I get nothing!

I'm thinking about changing my GP based on this (I only get this for another year, anyway...) because the woman was decidedly unhelpful (no I did not catch her name).

As a bit of an added suck, the state health insurance people do not think 11:30 in the afternoon on a Friday is a "normal business hour". The recorded message does not say when is, either. They sent no information on when they are open (unless that's coming in yet another letter), so had I not gotten to them before, I'd assume they were never actually open!

(Also, I'm sure none of you care that this is my first actual post here...)
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