Jen Fukuzawa (ladyareia) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Fukuzawa

UPDATE with a Happy End

Update on the auction problem I posted about few days ago.

A day or so after I filed a report with the auction site, I received this reply (condensed and translated)

"We have received your complaint and have spoken with the Member you are having a problem with.
This member has provided proof of mailing (KuroNeko Yamato Mail tracking number). Because of this, we cannot take action against this Member because she is within her rights to inquire if the item has arrived.
However, we have given her an official warning that her actions are bordering on malicious and harassing. Every member must understand that the mail will often be unpredictable and should wait at least an appropriate time before taking action against another Member.
If the item has not arrived by the approximate time listed in your auction agreement, you may mark the item as `Not Arrived`. However, because the item has a tracking number, we will forward your payment to the Seller Member and you will have to take action with the shipping company.
Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns"

I can completely understand their position. I just wish she had sent me the tracking number (I did not pay for one , but whatever >.<;).
Since this message from the auction site, evidently the Seller took to heart the warning, because I have gotten 4 more messages from the Seller. All have been tame and nearly identical, basically `The item should have arrived, please mark it as arrived`. I, of course, refused to engage any further until the item actually arrived.

So, as of this morning, the item has finally arrived. As soon as I got back home, I marked it as `Item Has Arrived` on the website and sent a public message (shows up in her feedback section) to the seller, stating:

"The item has arrived today. It is in the condition stated in the auction. If you removed the malicious message you preemptively left on my Feedback List, I will leave you good feedback."

Within an hour I had a message back from her with the a revised, Excellent feedback (you have up to 45 days to change feedback after the end of an auction). "I am glad the item has arrived safely. It took longer than expected, but it is safe now. The Buyer paid promtply and everything turned out well <3"

*shakes head* Anyway, hopefully, this whole ordeal is over. However, like I stated before, I run a small home business selling items like what I bought from her. I also do Personal Shopping for overseas clients. Because of this mess, I am putting a notice on my website that we will not be dealing with this person in the future. I will not buy from nor sell to this Member again, it is just not worth the headaches.
As one commenter stated, and now I believe is right, most likely this Seller does this with every auction (or at least others) but it ends well, like mine has now, so only positive feedback is left for others to see.
Regardless, I am not going to be put in a position to be threatened like that again :/

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. Your kind words (and often silly words) made me feel a lot better about this whole mess ^___^

EDIT: Copy/Pasted instead of linked.
Tags: ebay/craigslist, fluffed-up angry snoot poodle tone, mod comment, op *obviously* smarter than us all
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