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Comcast suck >:(

I'm at my wit's end with these jokers.

So last Tuesday I noticed that my Comcast OnDemand programming was acting wonky. Menus freezing up, refusing to load, giving me error messages etc. Okay, fine, I call Comcast, they decide to run some kind of tests on my box from their facility and tell me to call back Wednesday if nothing's changed. I check Wednesday afternoon, nope still same problems, so I call them back. They schedule a tech to come out but can't get anyone out until Monday. Annoying to have to wait almost a week, but fine, what can I do?

Monday comes, fellow shows up and replaces my box. Hooray, that seems to fix it, OnDemand is loading properly now and allowing me to watch stuff. He leaves, I'm catching up on Iron Chef when suddenly my new box shuts off and reboots itself. o_O Um...ok. I call them back, this is about an hour after the guy had left, hoping maybe they could just send him back that day. No such luck, they tell me it sounds like the box is overheating but they can't get anyone out to me until today, Wednesday. Ugh, fine, I better be getting a credit of some kind and they assure me I will once it's fixed and they know how long to credit me for.

So, same tech shows up today. Now, let me state here that he was a complete douche the first time. Talking to me like I'm a two year old, standing around in my living room watching ESPN while he waited for the facility people to do whatever they do when they call them to set up a new box. Whatever, my house isn't s sports bar but I didn't say anything because I thought he'd fixed the problem.

This time he was worse. Snappy and acting like it was such an inconvenience for him to have to come back out and all. I bite my tongue and just tell him to do what he has to do to fix it. So he replaces the box. Calls their facility to set it up and lo, the new box doesn't work either. Great, just great. THEN he tells me oh, he has no other HD DVR boxes in the truck so I'll have to call for *another* appointment to get one and until then I'd be without cable altogether. In the most rude tone you can pretty much imagine. He all but spat it at me.

I called Comcast right then, before he left, and told the lady what he said and that he said he was just going to leave me without cable until the new appointment (I mean, I get it's cable, not oxygen, but we pay a lot for our service every month and we expect it to work or be fixed promptly). She manages to convince him to at least get a regular cable box to hook up in the meantime so I'm not without cable altogether and he rolls his eyes and does so. When he came back from the truck with the regular cable box he didn't say a single word to me, hooked it up and tosses (TOSSES) the remote at me as he's heading for the door.

I was like "Wait, you didn't even check if it works or if the OnDemand works because that was the problem in the first place!" His response? "Well, you have another appointment on Saturday, deal with it then if it doesn't work." and then LEAVES! And had the balls to slam my door as he did.

I called Comcast back to complain and told them they better be sending a different tech next time because if that jackass shows up at my door again I'm slamming it in *his* face. Grrr. I am so angry right now. Three appointments in one week, one tech with an attitude the size of Texas and half a dozen calls to Comcast and guess what? The OnDemand is back to not working. *throws things*
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