Defying Gravity (botanika99) wrote in bad_service,
Defying Gravity

I feel bad for my family now

I live in a college town so naturally, all of the hotels fill up for graduation. If you tried to book a room for next month's graduation, it would be very impossible. I was able to book a room over the internet last semester but I just wanted to double check to make sure the reservation was still there cause sometimes there's glitches in the system & what have you.

So I call the hotel & I say I want to check on a reservation & the lady asks if I cancelled one & I say no,

I'm just checking & she was like "MA'AM WE DO NOT CANCEL RESERVATIONS UNLESS YOU TELL US TO!" and then I was

like "I'm not accusing you, I would just like to check on the reservation." so she's like "Ok, give me the

information." so I tell her my name & she says "NO I NEED THE DATE OF THE RESERVATION!" (sheesh!) and then

she asked for a name & I politely asked "Do you need the name its billed to (me) or the name of the person

its in (my dad)" and she was like "MISS,I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! GIVE ME THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO IS

STAYING HERE!" And I told her not to get defensive with me and told her that she needed to be more specific.

She then said that the reservation was still there & then she hung up on me. What a bitch! And now my

family has to put up with that shitty staff! ugh! Makes me embarrassed to go into the hospitality field!

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