Jen Fukuzawa (ladyareia) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Fukuzawa

Auction Site Insanity

Today, I finally met with a crazy auction seller. Seriously. I don’t know how more idiotic one could make themselves look.

A quick bit to explain about this auction site:
Every single thing that happens regarding an auction that you win is emailed to you. If there’s a change in the price or description, when your payment has been accepted, when they ship the item, etc etc.
Also, regardless of how you pay, the auction site holds the money paid until the item has been `Marked` on the website by the buyer as having arrived. There are certain conditions to try and smooth out fraud on both ends, but that’s the basics.

It all started on February 24th, 5 days ago, when I bid on and won an online auction.
Everything seemed fine. That same day I won the auction, I put in through the payment on my credit card, get the email that it went through fine, and wait until I either get an email directly from the seller (sometimes they will personally tell you things, other times just mark it on the site) or get my email from the auction site that its being shipped out. At some point that day, I received an email notice saying the payment amount had been accepted by the seller (she doesn’t technically have the money yet, but just confirming that I entered everything correctly).

I didn’t receive any messages concerning this item until Feb. 27th, which is no problem of course. I’m not in any special rush and I know how busy things get.
Anyway, this message, from the auction site, says the Seller has marked the item as being sent. I found it somewhat odd, as it was a Saturday, but perhaps some post offices are open for a few hours wherever said Seller lives (but there are none near me that are, I know that). Most likely (I’m thinking) it was mailed out on Friday evening, but she just didn’t get around to marking it on the site till Saturday.

The next morning, Sunday, I get another notice saying the exact same thing (that the seller has marked the item as `sent`). Either the auction site glitched and sent the message twice, or the Seller forgot she already marked it and marked it again by accident (It’s just a button you push and confirm after). No big deal. So far, everything is cool, no problems at all..... yet…

I wake up this morning at about 8am, shower and whatnot, then sit down to check my messages before heading off to run errands on my way to work.
I have 3 messages waiting for me by a person identifying herself as the seller of the auction I`m referring to here (using the email address that’s listed as hers on the auction site). The two messages at 1:14am and 1:23am are identical (translated, as they are not in English) basically saying `I have mailed out your item and it should have arrived now. Please let me know.` The next message at 7:25am is only slightly different, throwing in `I have mailed out your item. This is urgent and it should have arrived by now, so please let me know.`
I’m slightly O.o at this point, especially considering it was just yesterday or the day before that she (claims) to have mailed it out, and it was regular shipping (all she marked on the website that she could do… probably should have been a warning but really its not that uncommon). I just respond with `Thank you, I will let you know when it arrives.`

Just under an hour later at 8:20am, I receive a message email from the auction site. In it, the site asks if the item has reached its destination, and to please mark whether it has reached or not.
Now, I have never been a seller on this particular site (though I have on others) so I do not know if this is automatic or if she hit a button and prompted the message, but seeing as how NONE of the other auctions I won on that same day have sent me messages like that, I am pretty certain it was the Seller’s doing. But regardless, the regular mail does not usually arrive until after noon or 1pm, so I had no way of knowing whether it would show up today or not. So off I went to work.

I arrive home sometime after 8pm. My husband informs me that, while he was out, the courier delivery man (not regular postman, trust me, there are so many kinds here XD) left a note saying we needed to sign for a package. My husband had already called in and arranged for them to redeliver on their second rounds before 9pm (when they stop delivering fro the day). I know that I only paid the Seller in this morning’s email for normal shipping, but since A.) she seems to be under the impression that the item is supposed to arrive today, and B.) I do not know exactly yet who the package is from, I decided to wait until the postman returned to make sure this wasn’t somehow the package she was talking about. So I check my emails (There’s a message from 10:25am from the Seller that is very polite, saying that `the item should arrive today, Please mark it that it has arrive` along with cute little smiles), and we sit down for a late dinner.

Messages I evidently received while having dinner (not read till after we finished):
@ 8:30pm `To receive an item and not let it be paid for is considered fraud and I will be informing the police`
@ 8:34pm `To receive an item and not let it be paid for, in this case, it is considered fraud and I will be informing the police immediately.`
@ 8:48pm "" same as above

(Btw, the postman never showed, but that happens sometimes on redeliveries if they get too many. And we did figure out the package was large and not from her)

@ 9:04am I get a message from the auction site regarding the item from this morning.
It’s a warning, saying a Seller has left Negative feedback, and then gives the message they left:
"Even though I dispatched the item, this person refuses to acknowledgment and release the payment. Please watch out everyone. Do not let her get away with this!!!"
@ Seller - 9:06pm `Receipt notification you still have not done? Then I must inform you that this is fraud and I will be informing the police.`

(I have not checked my mail at this point, since I have gotten busy with my home business and other things)

@ Seller - 9:49pm ""Same as 9:06pm

At this point I finally switch back to this email account (I have several I use and was not working with this one after dinner) and see many emails. I read and answer the ones from her BEFORE I saw that horrible message from the auction site regarding the feedback she left me.

From me @10:25pm responding to her 9:49pm email `The item has not arrived yet. What day did you mail it? I’m sure it will arrive soon.`
Seller @10:41pm `You understand what this means, right? Verify the post receipt now.`
Seller @10:43pm `When you have verified the shipment, you will understand. It must have arrived already! I am informing the police!`
(BTW, I cannot correctly express how rude her language is. Not actually using curse words, but very impolite words and phrases)
Me @10:48pm (still not having seen the auction message as its buried with the other auction messages from other items I ordered) `When the item arrives I will send an email. Please wait a short time.`
Seller @10:58pm `On 2/28 the mailing was completed! I know you have already received it!! Do you even understand what I’m saying? I am informing the police!`

At this point, I finally read the auction message and I’m FURIOUS. Who does this chick think she is??

Me @11:02pm `Why did you post such a crazy feedback? When did you mail out the item? You do understand the fact that the regular mail will not arrive on the weekends, right? You are behaving quite irrationally about this whole thing. Understand now that I am not going to let you create more of a problem.`

Seller @11:03pm `Do you belong to a religion? (laughing)`

By now I have had it and am so furious I can’t even think straight. I don’t even understand her last message, but it doesn’t really matter. Right now, anyone who checks my feedback will find a horrible comment right at the very top, and this person just keeps acting more and more insane. Her `police` threats are hollow, of course, because the police really don’t have any jurisdiction over this yet (I haven’t broken any laws or even any time-frame rules on the auction site).

I refuse to respond and instead file a dispute with the auction site. I state exactly what’s going on, what time it started and with who. I also included a few short excerpts form her emails to me and told them I can forward everything to them if they wish.

tl;dr- Seller claims to have mailed my item to me over the weekend, then emails me 11 times in one day, with threats, claiming that I should somehow have the item (mailed regular post) the very next day (Monday). Also claims that, since I haven`t told the auction site that it has magically arrived, that it`s fraud and shes calling the police on me XP

I’ve never had to do this before, so I don’t know how long it will take for them to get things in motion (whatever motion they will take). I did however at least get a confirmation email saying they received my request and will look into my complaint (so at least I don’t have to worry about it not getting to them XD).
I just... idk what else to do or say really. Does any one else have any suggestions?

Also, please remember all communication between myself and the Seller occurred in a different language than what I`m now posting in (so if it sounds a little weird, I`m sorry). All punctuation I kept the same if possible.

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