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Usually I'm not the kind of person to complain about bad service. Actually, I put up with the crap some companies go through for too long before doing anything about it (ie: T-mobile stealing from us...). Qwest has gotten BEYOND ridiculous with this one. Yes, T-mobile took money they shouldn't have and refused to give it back (even saying my husband shouldn't have been in training for the Marines so he could have watched his account more closely, but that's another story), but Qwest has sent us to a collection agency FOR AN ACCOUNT WE DON'T HAVE.

When we first moved to Colorado, we signed up for Qwest because, honestly, it was a pretty awesome deal for Internet and Direct TV. So, we wait and for them to come and install Direct TV...When they come, we find out we can't have it because our apartment doesn't face South...That sucks because it means we wasted our time waiting for the instillation guys to show up, but it's not a huge deal. We decide to go with another company that isn't as good of a deal, but it's not bad either.

So after we figure out how much the other company costs, we call Qwest to cancel services. The person I talk to is very nice, apologizes for the Direct TV not working out and says our service is now canceled. It is then explained to us that we may receive a bill at first, but to ignore it because we don't owe anything (we didn't have the modem yet or anything. We pretty much canceled the day after we signed up).

Fast forward to Feb. 9. I receive a second or third bill (we called in between these bills, but they aren't as important as this call). I explain the situation and she apologizes and she's not sure why we still are being billed, show up on the account, etc. She gives me a confirmation number to PROVE it is now canceled. I am content and get off the phone.

Now, this morning, I get a missed call from an unknown number. I call it back and ask who it is...They ask for my husband so I hand him the phone...it's a collection agency. FOR QWEST. Oh, now I'm LIVID. I go straight to the old bill where I wrote the confirmation number and call customer service. Turns out they don't open until 8a.m. (and it's just now only 7:30 a.m.).So hopefully this all gets worked out or I'm telling hubby to go to legal.

X-posted to my personal journal.

EDIT: To update everyone, I just got off of the phone with a supervisor. First, the representative I had told me that the account was canceled, but we stilled owed like $200 (not exact amount), to which I said "We never had ANY service..." So I get to the supervisor. She tells me that it's completely fixed now and she told the billing department to cancel collections, etc. She gave me a confirmation number and a call back number in case we get anything else. Hopefully it stays that way...
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