Kiwi Maria (kiwiria) wrote in bad_service,
Kiwi Maria

Witnessed suck at the restaurant

Yesterday I went to a work lunch with a large group of colleagues. The food was excellent, but one of the waiters had a serious attitude problem. He was snotty with everybody, but his comments to two of my colleagues just took the cake.

Colleague 1
The waiter was taking drink orders. The other people at her table had ordered coke, coke zero and tonic. She asked for a coke light. The waiter looked her up and down and then asked, "You do know there's still sugar in that, right?"

Colleague 2
Colleague 2 is vegetarian. The restaurant had been informed of this when we booked the menu, so the kitchen would be prepared for alterations. The starters was a salad with bacon, so colleague 2 informed the waiter that he was the vegetarian in the group, and that arrangements had been made for an alternative menu for him. The waiter's reply, "What? You don't like bacon?" Colleague 2 just calmly restated that he was a vegetarian, and therefore didn't eat bacon.

The main course was fish. Granted, some pescarians(sp?) will call themselves vegetarians even though they still eat fish, but the waiter ought to either have asked or erred on the side of caution, instead he served Colleague 2 the fish. Upon being told that no, he was still a vegetarian, the waiter replied, "What? You don't like fish either?"

I'd have given him a pass if he'd left off the 'what' and asked "You don't eat fish either", but the tone of voice and the use of the word 'like' really ticked me off. This is not a picky eater, this is a vegetarian, and as a waiter you ought REALLY to know better than to comment on the food anyway!
Tags: *restaurant, customers shouldn't get what they want, i smell bacon!!!
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