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I joined Costco in March of 2009 partly because I'd heard amazing things about the company, their employees, their products, and how they like to keep customers happy. At first, everything I'd heard was true. But over the last year, it has gotten to the point where I dread shopping there.

1. The warehouse closest to me was undergoing renovations and things were constantly being moved around. If someone asked employees where something was, the employees would roll their eyes, sigh, and point in a general direction saying, "check over there." At first I thought they were just annoyed at the situation, but their tone sounded like they thought customers were stupid for asking questions.
(It was not just me, I also saw quite a few customers being treated the same way.)

2. There were a few months where I wasn't receiving coupon books. When I asked about them at the membership desk, they told me only executive members got coupons. When I asked if it was a new policy since I'd been getting coupons before, they told me I was lying and the gold star members never got coupons. If I'd gotten coupons, it must have been a corporate error. If that was true fine, it was being called a liar that bothered me.

3. I went with my sis-in-law to order a cake for my nephew's birthday. (I am a member, she is not.) While we were there, she decided to buy some mini-M&M's for the party favor bags. I was buying a few items and put them on the conveyor belt ahead of my sis-in-law's M&M's. The cashier checked me out, and then asked my sis-in-law for her membership card. I handed her my card, and the cashier refused to take it because my sis-in-law was paying. Ok, maybe there are some weird glitches where only members can use their credit cards. I said that I would pay cash for the M&M's, but apparently that still was not good enough.
She literally refused to sell us M&Ms.

But the biggest reason why I'm not going to renew my membership:

4. I went to pick up my nephew's birthday cake last Saturday. We ordered a yellow sheet cake, cream cheese frosting, a dinosaur decoration, and asked they write "Happy Birthday (name)!" The piping around the edges was poorly done, and they left a corner undone. The writing was smushed together, like they forgot and added it at the last minute. The cake itself was uneven. Despite all of that, it still looked ok and my nephew would like it, so I didn't say anything and went to check-out.

The check-out lines were longer than I'd ever seen them. Each open lane had at least 12 or more customers waiting to be checked out. After 15 minutes (I kept checking the time on my phone) we still had not moved. A customer service rep (one of the few pleasant employees I've come across) was walking around, chatting with customers. She sympathized with my having to wait in such a long line for 1 item. I asked if there was an express check-out since I was starting to run short on time. She said that I could go to the desk behind the registers. I thanked her, and walked up to the desk.

At the desk, before I even opened my mouth, the employees told me that the desk was only for returns. This one guy, Luis, went on and on about how people are working, they're busy, I'm not special, etc. I hadn't even gotten a word in yet! For all he knew, I was asking a question! Every time I tried to speak, he interrupted me and yell louder repeating the same information at me in a tone like I was a stupid child. It is hard to convey tone, but his attitude was absolutely rude, uncalled for, unprofessional, and absolutely ridiculous.

I waited until Monday to call the corporate office to complain about the situation. They apologized, and said they would look into it, and call me back the next day. It's now Thursday and nothing. I'm not holding my breath.

Looking back, I wish I had interrupted Luis yelling at me and spoke loud and firm enough forcing him to listen to what I had to say. Unfortunately, I did none of that.

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