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Hospital suck?

Disclaimer: I realise this is in China and cultural and social differences from the Western world, and usually this is fine. I study in China, and I am fine with speaking the language and learning about their customs. In fact, I love it :) I get annoyed at the fact that stuff isn't amazingly organised like it is in my native country (Switzerland woowoo haha) but I also find it interesting to see how it is more relaxed and based on "playing it by ear" than the strict schedualing of the west.

Onto the suck:

I was at a hospital in China for my medical examination, which they give everyone who wants to get a residency permit. The way these medical exams works is basically you make a line for the procedure you want done (xray, blood test, sight test, etc.), so you wait for your turn in line, hand the nurse the form, she/he does the exam, and you move onto the next station. Now I was fine with all of the stations until I got to the blood test. The nurse wasn't wearing gloves O_o; Sorry, but to me that seems gross. She was very angry with me when I asked her to put on gloves (admittedly in bad Chinese) but I did ask politely and thanked her when she obliged. My friend (who studies with me) was behind me in line, and, after the nurse had taken my blood, she asked the nurse to change her gloves. The response of the nurse? "NO!!!!". My friend was so shocked that she just sat down and let the woman take her blood.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but that seems a bit gross to me. Not to mention dangerous, right?? I mean, they were doing, among other things, HIV/AIDS! I mean...I don't want to say anyone in the line had AIDs, but what if they had?? I mean...we could have gotten that, with her hand touching used needles and then us. -_-;

TL;DR Version: Nurse doesn't wear gloves for most patient, then yells at friend and refuses to change the gloves that she (angrily) puts on when I insist.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, bedside manners, first do no harm?
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