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So for Christmas my boyfriend got a District 9 Blu-ray from my sister-in-law. We'd put off watching it until sometime in January when we decided to watch it, after several tries we realized that even though the box was "Blu-ray" inside it was a DVD. (DVD and not Blu-ray was on the disc itself so that's how we know) Now my beau has a PS3 which if I'm not mistaken can also play DVDs but it didn't want to play this one, otherwise we probably wouldn't have bothered returning it. We got in touch with my sister-in-law and she explained that she'd bought it at Costco and we should return it and get it switched out.

My boyfriend didn't have the reciept obviously since this was a gift. So rather then waste the trip to the Costco that's about 30 min away, I told him he should call, explain the situation and see if my sis-in-law would have to return it or if he could get it taken care of himself. He spoke with "April" who explained that they have a 90 day return policy and he could return it himself without the receipt. Great!

Now admittedly my boyfriend did put this off more than he should have, but given the fact that he was told 90 days and it was bought in December (this was confirmed by Costco and by my sister-in-law) he figured that it was OK because he was still within the 90 days.
This Saturday he went in and explained the issue and was told that he could not return it. I wasn't there so the story was told to me by him. Basically he went back and forth and eventually requested a manager to get involved. The manager also wasn't much help stating "he could've just put the DVD in there himself" and that their return policy wasn't 90 days (only 90 days on electronics). When my boyfriend brought up April the manager replied that there was "no manager by the name of April". My boyfriend explained that this April person didn't identify herself as a manager but was aware of the situation and it being a DVD and still said 90 days.

In the end my boyfriend left and we have a gift that we can't use. I think it's really silly of them not to make the switch. Had the Blu-ray
been returned within their return policy (whatever time frame that actually is, I didn't ask) my boyfriend still could've switched it or whatever they were indirectly accusing him of doing. Like what motive would he have to do that anyway? Furthermore he was quoted 90 days by an employee of Costco, if their employees are giving misinformation I believe they should have to eat that cost not us. I normally love Costco, but this whole experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

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