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Nasty virus at

This is incredibly long, and I'm sorry. I'm terrible at recalling events and cramming them into a nutshell. :(

I went to to dispute an item on my credit report. I was redirected to and prompted to input my personal information. I gave my full name, my current address, my previous address and then went on to the next page. On the second page I started to enter my social security number when an anti-virus software I wasn't familiar with popped up and told me I'd been infected.

I knew I'd been infected or something was at least trying to infect me. I tried closing the fake anti-virus window, but all it did was minimize to my task bar. I began receiving notices (apparently from Windows) saying that my anti-virus had been disabled and my computer was now infected. I tried opening AVG and Malware Bytes, but both programs were disabled.

I restarted my computer and tried booting up in Safe Mode, but I'm unfamiliar with how to do that and couldn't figure it out. I thought I remembered the process after watching my computer tech husband do it 1,000 times, but obviously I didn't. The computer booted up in regular mode. I was able to open Malware Bytes and begin a quick scan, but almost immediately the fake anti-virus program opened and my computer was disabled. Internet Explorer opened and began opening tons of porn sites, windows sent me error after error after error saying that different files had been infected and that my anti-virus was disabled, blah blah blah.

I'm currently waiting on my husband to arrive at my office so that he can fix this, but in the mean time I thought I'd contact TransUnion to let them know what'd happened. I don't want this to happen to anybody else. I had a number for Consumer Assistance, so I called and went through the menu options to talk to a live person.

A lady comes on the line and I explain to her what happened. She completely ignores the website/virus issue and says that she can help me submit a dispute over the phone and asks for my social security number. I told her I wasn't interested in pursuing the dispute at this time, and that I'd only called to make them aware of the virus. She explains that she needs my social security number in order to help me submit a dispute. I tell her again that I'm only calling to notify them that my computer was infected with a virus after visiting their website.

She asks me to hold, and after a couple of minutes she comes back on the line and says that if I've been infected with a virus that I need to contact a computer engineer to help me. I tell her that I already have, but I want to make sure that they're aware that my computer became infected while visiting their site and I'd like assurance that this won't happen to anyone else. I also tell her that I'm concerned because I'd entered my social security number on the online form when I was infected (I hadn't submitted the form, but I'd keyed the info in.)

She interrupts me and says that if I'm concerned that my personal information has been compromised that she can issue a fraud alert on my credit report, and asks me for my social security number yet again. At this point I'm irritated because I don't feel like she is at all concerned with the security of their website and only wants to push their services onto me. I understand that she is only doing her job, but I don't know what else I need to say to have the website issue addressed. I tell her that I don't want to put a fraud alert on my account, and explain that I only want to make sure they're aware of the virus issue so that it doesn't happen to anyone else. She ignores the last part of my statement completely and explains that she can help me put a fraud alert on my account so that I'm alerted if someone tries to get credit in my name.

At this point I'm tired of spinning my wheels, so I tell her that I'll call back if I feel like I need the fraud alert protection.

I went to and searched for their contact information, but they only offer a mailing address and an online form for submitting comments or fraud e-mail alerts. I couldn't find a phone number anywhere. I submitted the fraud-email form and explained the situation, but I have little assurance that the issue will be addressed at all.

I feel like there's more I could've and should've done in this situation, but I just don't know what it is. I don't want anybody else to get this virus. Any advice?

TL;DR Version: My work computer is infected with a bad virus after I tried to submit an item dispute online with TransUnion. I try calling TransUnion to make them aware of the situation, but end up talking in circles with the customer assistance lady, who only wants to help me with the services she's offering. I also try contacting the website I was redirected to in order to submit my dispute (and where I ultimately was infected with the virus,) but can only find a mailing address and an online form in which to contact them by. I'm left with little confidence that my issue has been heard and that others won't be affected by the virus as well.
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