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Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. No excuses.

Two Dunkin Donuts Mini Sucks

There's this one DD that I stop by after my classes on Monday and Wednesday. It's not the best location, there only ever seems to be one person manning the entire store and I'm always put on hold when I go to order but it's got a drivethrough and I usually only order one doughnut anyway.

So today, I pulled into the drivethrough and there are two cars in front of me, a red SUV and a black sports car. A couple of seconds pass and the SUV pulls up from the menu/order box to the window and the black car pulls up to the menu. The guy in the car rolls down the window and says something to the box but doesn't move up. No big deal, I figured the person inside probably asked him to hold on and he just said OK. So I wait and wait and wait and wait some more. Two or three minutes has passed, the guy hasn't rolled his window down again and I can see two girls in the drive-through window just standing there. I'm pretty annoyed at this point because even if I wanted to leave, I couldn't, it's one of those drivethroughs that box you in and now there are cars behind me so I can't just back up and leave. Fortunately, two seconds later an employee comes out the side door...and hops in the car.

That's right, the guy in the car in front of me was waiting in the drive-through lane to pick this girl up from work. Yeah, it's a pretty big customer suck to sit there and block up the lane to pick someone up but IMO it's even worse to have someone wait there to pick you up, that's what the parking lot is for. Plus the two other girls in the store stood in the drivethrough window and didn't say anything to him.

So the guy finally pulls away and I pull up to the order box and immediately get asked "Can you hold on for a minute? Thanks." For what? There's nobody in the store and even if there was, there are two of you! Judging by the lack of cars in the parking lot, I doubt the rush in the store is so crazy that both of you need to be at the counter. About 30 seconds later, one of the girls comes back, I order my doughnut and pull up to window. The only problem is, once I get there she handing me a coffee. I tell her I ordered a boston creme doughnut and she goes "Oh, I thought you said medium coffee." ...What? She gets me my doughnut with no problem though, so whatever. I mention the whole thing with the car to her and she just says "Oh, yeah she would have been out sooner but she was in the bathroom." I tell her it would've been nice if someone had told the guy to pull around since there were other cars behind him but she just kind a gives me a blank stare so I just thanked her drove away.

There's a little survey thing on the bottom the receipt, so I filled it out and indicated I wanted to be contacted about my experience so I'm expecting someone to get in touch with me in the next four days.
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