I'm not here right now, I've gone to find myself (tiny_green_leaf) wrote in bad_service,
I'm not here right now, I've gone to find myself

Seriously Power and Light?!

I'm completely raging at the moment.  

Right now, things are a little tight in my family, I think everyone is going through economic troubles.  My grandmother is currently tied up in a court battle for the right over her late husband's ( of 50 years ) mesophiloma case against his kids who are arses, but that's another story.  It just means, there's very little money for her.  My mother has since been taking care of her, and sharing what she gets a month.  So things were tight, but she went into the power and light company and asked if she could pay the rest of the power bill come next month.  She paid $150, and had a balance of $150.  They said that was FINE.  A-okay, that she would pay the 3rd of March along with March's bill.  How long is that from here?  Not very long, and it's not like there's been month after month of missed payment, it's just a payment EXTENSION.

( Personally, I think the power company is ripping us off left and right for $300 and $400 bills in FLORIDA.  )  

Granted, we've had a pretty bitter cold snap for Florida, and it's been down to 24F now and again.

My grandmother is 80 years old and has severe problems, she's on medical alert. ( which is now useless because there's no power. )

They gave no warning that the agreement had changed, or that they were coming to shut it off, they just cut the power and took off.

My mother calls power company and they tell her that my severely disabled grandmother, "Needs to learn to pay her bills."  


When my mother asked for a supervisor, the woman on the life refused to comply and told her that she was speaking to, "Who she needed to speak to."

So my mother called my grandmother's lawyer, who is about to have a field day.  She's also calling the newspaper.  
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