Kadaria (kadaria) wrote in bad_service,

Tea snobs? Minor Teavana suckage.

Not sure how much of a suck this is but it really put me off this store for now.
I have a fiance who is a heavy tea drinker to a point where he will collect teas from places where we travel and enjoys preparing them different ways. Me; I'm happy putting the little bag in the mug.
Around valentine's day weekend we were doing some shopping at Providence Place mall in RI and we saw this store and decided to poke around: http://www.teavana.com/
The greeter (who was giving out samples) and the first young salesperson we interacted with were incredible and I was very pleased with their service.
The problem came when the good salesperson was showing us all their different kinds of teas. Ryan likes green but I don't really like it so she turned to me and asked what kind of teas I liked to drink. I told her that I really enjoyed drinking a prickly pear tea we had gotten in Arizona and asked if they had something like that.
The manager who had been standing by the cash register suddenly cuts in with a lengthy speech in a bored tone that boiled down to "they don't carry teas like that because they have higher standards".
Well ok then Miss Manager, though this has been very informative I'm pretty sure your associate was trying to find out what kind of teas I liked drinking so she could try and sell me something similar rather than making me feel like an idiot for answering a question. I'd complain to the manager but, um yeah...
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