amandeeta (amandeeta) wrote in bad_service,

This was a conversation I overheard at Macy's in the Women's Department (sizes 16-24) in Houston today, between another customer and a lazy worker.  I was sitting in a chair that was located between the service counter and the dressing room.

Customer: "Can you please unlock one of the dressing rooms for me?"

Lazy worker: "Yeah sure give me a minute." (She stands around, finishing a conversation with a coworker about inventory)

Customer stands there and waits, seems like a polite lady and doesn't make a fuss.  Then she asks as they are walking to the dressing room only about 10 steps away, "The dressing rooms aren't usually locked.  Have y'all been having theft problems?"

Lazy worker: "No, it's close to closing time (it was maybe 7pm) and I'm NOT returning clothes to any other department.  Do you know how much this job makes me walk at the end of the night?  This way, I control who goes in and out and with what.  But you look like you belong here so here's your room!  Just holler if you need anything else, I'll be at the counter." 

The lady just thanked her for opening the room and went in.  I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed or if she even noticed.  I felt really bad for her and the worker just didn't seem to care or understand the implications of what she said at all.
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