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Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Staples wtf.

A little bit of bad service, a little bit of corporate evil mastermind. It's less any one thing, moreso just everything adding up.

Staples has got some ridiculously convoluted system (that only an evil mastermind would think up, to try and make people suffer XD) if you want to print the most basic of files (no resizing, no special paper, nothing difficult) from a USB key.

We went to Staples yesterday, and wanted to print a file from a USB stick, in color. No adjustments needed, just plug it in, click print, and voila. We're informed that the process has changed, that we have to upload it to their server. They can no longer, in any way, accept ANY file via USB, at all, end of story, not even if we pay or wait, or jump through hoops, nothing.

Between answering our questions, I notice the lady takes a USB from someone, and takes her behind the counter, and they print something off the stick. When I ask, she says, no that's something else. It happens a few more times, and she tries to tell me that it's for some special custom order they have to send out (yet, the lady printed it infront of us, and the customer paid her for it, walking out prints in hand.. WHAT?) So, a bit exasperated, we go back to the computer to try to upload it.

After noticing the upload time, we decide to do it at home and pick it up tomorrow. We did, at another store, since the lady was a bit snippy, found out we forgot to print one, and did the order today, and then went to pick it up tonight at the same store (only because the bf, who was driving, insisted it was closer and therefore easier/better to get it from there than driving to the next town).

The computers in store reserved for uploading, btw, are hooked up to THE SLOWEST INTERNET KNOWN TO MAN (and yet while this is understandable from a business standpoint - saving money... it's a bit irritating). The computer showed that it would be 30-40 minutes to upload a couple files. The file was a color image for a DVD case. (Before you jump on me about file specifications, let me clarify the actual files took 5 minutes to upload at home.) To add punishment to that, they have a 1 hour service you can request, BUT you're only allowed to request it if you wait in store for 30 minutes to upload it to their server, using the exact same website that you use from home. If you do it at home (which would save you the trip, and the upload time) you're only allowed to select the normal way. (You can't even call, or do anything else to request it expedited, I don't know WHY, really).

Now, onto the time. They specify when you order, that an order's time depends on the cost of the order. Under $75 I think it is, it's 6 hours. A page was under a dollar to print. Sent it off at noon, got notification, went off to the store.

We got there and waited in the order pick-up line for 20-25 minutes. I'm not complaining about the time waited, moreso that the two clerks were serving people picking up orders after us, in the clearly labelled drop-off section. Mildly irritating, but whatever. I think the girl was purposely ignoring us because of what happened the day before.

When we were finally served, the guy checked the order and were told we'd have to wait until tomorrow. He explained that the files had to goto their server (uh, I thought that's what the upload was?) and said they the job would take 12 hours, mind you, there was no notification in any email, or on the website that the order would take 12 hours. Not even, if you order after X time, the order will take 12 hours.

So, we.. argue that we got notification, we made the trip, and there's nothing on the website that said it would be 12 hours. We would have never made the trip, and bothered. This is when we asked about the 1 hour service, and he explained that it was only available in store.

So after a bit of talking, the guy agreed to print it on the computer, to an older color printer in the store, charging us to expedite it, which was fine by us. Although, I thought... they no longer had the capability to take USBs? (Yes, I know that's a bunch of corporate BS, any computer with a USB port, hooked up to a printer can. However, this is what the lady told us yesterday).

We wait... hm, about another 15-20 minutes. The printer needs to be rebooted and cleans itself. it's a bit streaky, but minutly so, and we're very appreciative that the man did this. We thank him, and tell him so, when we get the prints. We go to pay, and he tells us there's a USB-key charge of $1. (Again, the charge is less of a problem, but a bit WTF to have a charge for a service they don't offer, at all, apparently).

As a side note, the girl felt she had to micromanage anything the guy did, which made serving people take twice as long as possible. He didn't have a training badge, and by the way someone asked for his tech help later, I assumed he knew what he was doing, she was trying to keep herself occupied I think so she didn't have to serve us(but this is just my opinion based on her attitude the day before), the lady was pissed off at us I'm sure from us gawking a bit as the ridiculous new procedure from Staples.

Oh, and to add to the wtf of Staples, the second store we printed to the day before, the order specifications of what paper to use are based on the file size. Our prints were to be printed on the 8.5x14 paper, but when we arrived they had printed it on the 8.5x11 size, making all the images smaller. When we pointed it out on the order the specifications, they didn't fight us, admitted their mistake (which was nice) but it literally took three people (all the printing rep people) to reprint the order on 8.5x14. Kinda lolwtf.

I suppose I shouldn't expect much from a glorified space for Xerox machines, but I was hoping the competence was a bit higher than my experiences from Kinkos.

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