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minor suck that just made me sad. :(

Dear Popular Coffee Chain Employees,

I like your hot chocolate. A lot. I was having a bad day, and I figured that a hot chocolate would perk me up. You weren't busy. There was one car ahead of mine in the drive thru. Why was my hot chocolate simply water and brown? :(

I realise that your mix hopper was empty. That's fine. But it's not like you were running around, trying to serve ten thousand people. It was just me. Why couldn't you check the hopper before pouring up my drink? It was 9:30pm -- it's likely to be low after a long day of serving people. Or, y'know, look at my beverage before putting the lid on. Anyone who has made your hot chocolate before would realise that the colour was extremely light.

It's minor, and perhaps my fault for not double-checking at the window. It just made me really sad. I don't like being let down because I didn't receive what was promised to me -- especially when I paid for it. :(

Sad Hot Chocolate Consumer

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