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But, I needed to get on your bus....

I was going to my place of employment today to pick up my check. I rely on my town's bus line to get around, and there is one bus that stops right beside my apartment complex on a corner, and it takes me directly to work. I rely on this bus, and I had no major issues up until today.

We're under a winter storm warning, so it's a pain in the ass to get around anywhere in the first place. But I waited at the bus stop for my bus to arrive. Five minutes later, I saw it coming down the street. I pulled out my student ID and stepped up, clearly indicating I wanted a ride. The good thing about my city buses is that this is a small college town, and college students ride for "free" with their ID, you know, after they paid an expensive transit fee to the school. I graduated about two months ago, but fortunately, my ID is still good until June.

As the bus got closer to my stop, it showed no indication of pausing or breaking. He was driving at an extremely fast speed, considering the weather. Then, the bus driver honked his horn and waved his hand, as if he was telling someone to move out of the way. I thought he was trying to tell me to move back, but I wasn't even close to being on the road. But he just sped right pass the stop. Then, I saw that a driver of a car was getting ready to turn onto the street from the intersection, which was right pass the bus stop. The car wasn't even on the street, but I think the driver could have made a "rolling stop" or something (which is a dumb thing to do). The car backed up as the bus drove by, but it didn't seem to be directly in the bus's way to begin with. The bus just went right through, with no breaking. As I saw it drove on, I just stood there awkwardly, wondering what the hell happened.

It could be that the bus driver didn't notice me, but I was standing at the stop. I think it'd be hard for him to miss me. It could also be that he just assumed I was taking another bus (multiple buses go by that stop), but if someone is standing at the bus stop, I usually see most of the bus drivers at least pause to see if anyone needs their bus. Or, he could have been so concerned about crashing into that car that he didn't even think about picking me up, but still, I don't see how that would prevent him to pause at the bus stop. I mean, if you think a car is going to hit you at an intersection, wouldn't you break, at least? There were no cars directly behind the bus. Not that I know much about driving (hence is one reason why I don't drive myself). It just doesn't make sense to me at all no matter how hard I try to look at possible explanations :/. He just seemed like an angry bus driver to me, and everybody needed to GTFO OF HIS WAY, OR ELSE.

This happened to me once before with this public transit, but this just really bothered me because of the weather. I mean, if people are out in a winter storm, I think the bus drivers should make damn sure that the people who need their bus are able to get on. Also, they shouldn't speed on through, like that bus driver was doing. I'm also a bit concerned because I use that bus to go to work, and I don't want something like this happening again, causing me to be late for work.

I was on the bus with that particular driver before, and he does give off the "I'm a jerk" vibe. He was ticked off at me once for not being right at the stop on time and running after his bus. Also, he talked on his cell phone while driving the bus. We could debate about talking on a cell while driving, but I don't think it should be allowed if you're driving a gigantic bus, transporting a lot of people. But despite that, it could be that it was an honest mistake and he just didn't notice me, and/or he was worried that the car would have crashed into him, but still, I don't think he was doing his job correctly by just speeding by the stop with no pausing or breaking.

I either had to wait for 30 minutes for the bus to come by again (more than likely, with the same driver), or take another bus on the transit line. So, I just hoofed it to the transit line to take another bus that got me close enough to my place of work. When I got to my apartment, I sent the transit company an e-mail about this. Really, I just think that this bus driver was being extremely neglectful and possibly wreckless because he was speeding so fast down the road without stopping. Not sure what the problem was, but I just know I didn't like being left out in the snow like that :/.

To add insult to injury, I eventually got to my place of employment, only to find out that they printed my name incorrectly on my check, so I didn't even get my money today. FML.

Edited for clarity: I live in a small college town, and college students can ride the bus for "free" with their ID.

ETA: I called the transit's customer service, and they said that they will speak to the driver to make sure it doesn't happen again. I wasn't trying to accuse the driver of anything, but I just don't want this happening again because I ride that bus to get to work. I didn't have to work this day, but it would have sucked if I was late because of this.

I also mentioned the problem with the cell phone. That's definitely against their policy, and I'm guessing that it's against the policy for a lot of bus companies. So, if you see a bus driver on a cell while operating a bus, report it.
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