Fortifarse (fortifarse) wrote in bad_service,

Sorry for being diabetic...

I think this would qualify, if not I welcome disagreement as I do realize I made a few mistakes.

So...I'm a culinary student at school of awesome and Friday was "Gourmet Day", where we get to show off. I was on the line getting entrees ready and just didn't happen to eat but, being highly caffeinated, didn't immediately recognize the "low blood sugar" warning signs. I left for the day and was heading to the CVS across the street when it just hit me, and I knew it was time for sugar immediately. I got into the store and grabbed a bag of cookies of the shelf and ripped it open and went to town, then headed to the cooler and grabbed a Pepsi and began drinking it. Associate "Joe" walked up to me and said "excuse me sir, you can't do that without paying" (with that attitude in his voice that we all know and love). I was chugging soda at the moment so I just held up a finger, which he took offense to I guess and called the manager. Manager "Sparky" came up to me as I was finishing draining the soda, so I put it down and started to explain the situation to him (as the vacant stare, shaky hands, and sweat sheen over my body didn't seem to give ANY sort of indication...). Got about 2 words out when he said "I'm going to have to detain you for shoplifting". I was still recovering, so I managed a "no, please, I do have the money, I just had an immediate need for sugar" (rather than something like "I haven't left the store yet"). I pulled a $10 out of my pocket and started heading to the register while he followed me saying "you will still have to stay until police arrive" (but thankfully didn't lay a hand on me, as I can be an intimidating looking person I think), to which I replied "no I won't, I'm paying now".

As I was finishing checking out a cop (from a different jurisdiction) came in and the manager hailed him over the the cashwrap and demanded that I be arrested for shoplifting. The officer looked at me handing money over and said "looks like he's paying" and I gave him a nutshell of what had happened, to which he told the manager "I'm glad I came in right now so you didn't waste some other PO's time with this nonsense".

Overall, I should not have let myself get to that state and feel I shouldn't have forgotten my alert bracelet that day, but he needs some MAJOR retraining in what constitutes shoplifting and how apprehension works.
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