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Slechte service at my apartment

My partner and I are living in Amsterdam while he finishes up his Master's degree at a Dutch university. Because I'm the only one earning and Amsterdam rental prices are astronomical, we live in student housing, which is run not by the university, but by an outside company on contract.

When we moved in, we assumed that the building was designated student housing. Wrong! The first three floors of the building are owned by another company, and the residents are noisy, disruptive, and rude. The police are called to our building at least every couple of weeks, glass doors and panels in the lobby are broken (noisily) on a regular basis, usually accompanied by screaming and, speaking of which, it's not uncommon for us to be woken up in the middle of the night by yelling, fights, or the most unearthly shrieks! This would be less of a problem if we'd known beforehand that there would be residents in the building for whose behaviour we have absolutely no recourse (and so been able to prepare ourselves). If we talk to the people in charge of the bottom three floors, their response is generally, "Yeah, fine, it's under control," and the problem remains. If we complain to our own landlords, they just say, "It's not our problem, talk to [other company]."

Plus, there's a smell in our apartment. It was present when we first moved in, but we called the caretaker, who informed us that a part in our water-pumping system was malfuncitoning and that it should be easy to fix. He replaced the part, everything was fine for a month or so, and then, bam! smell was back. We called him again. He fixed it again. It broke again. The smell (or, as I think of it to myself, The Smell, because it's pretty much omnipresent in our 25 square metre apartment) seems to be here to stay. The part that really worries me is that they apparently installed the system in order to get rid of legionella in the building's pipes. My immune system isn't so hot because of some medication I take, and now I'm worried I'll get sick.

The straw that broke the camel's back for me is the laundry. There are two washers and two driers for the top two (student) floors, which are supposed to cut off automatially at 22h so that their noise doesn't disturb other residents. Fine by me. Except that they ALWAYS cut off early, but not at the same time each night. So if I d laundry after 18h, chances are my wet clothes get trapped in the washer and I can't get to them until 8h the next day. I've learned to do my bedsheets in the morning, let me tell you, but it's not always possible to get the ideal laundry time-slot when there are two machines being shared by two entire floors of people. I realise this is a tiny annoyance, but on top of everything else, it just pisses me off.

I just really needed to vent here. We move out in July, and I'm pretty well counting the days until we can live somewhere decent again.
Tags: apartment hell

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