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Apparently they just don't want me to see

Okay, so, I've been going to the same eye doctor for a few years now. The doctor I really like, but one of his 2 secretaries is just below par. In the past she has misplaced my glasses, lost other patients' glasses, and confused patients all together.

The other day I noticed that something about my lenses just isnt right. When the light hits them just right I have swirls infront of my eyes. So I examined my lenses..and they are peeling! How this happens I do not know. The best way I can describe it is if stepped on ice and saw all the cracks between the top and bottom layer. The left lens was a total spiderweb of these lines, the right lense just had one GIANT peeling line going all the way across it.  So I called the eyedoctor today and the phone call was what I consider to be very poor service indeed.

tl:dr; Called eye doctor about a problem with my lenses, got a serious attitude from his secretary. Things didn't get better until I got to talk to the doctor himself. And even then things might not be totally solved.
Script form.
M= Yours truly!

S= Good afternoon. Dr. Eyedoctors office. This is Secretary. How can I help you?
M= Hi. I'm calling because I'm having a bit of a problem with my lenses in my glasses.
S= ......
M= It actually looks like my lenses are peeling and its impairing my vision.
S= Aaannd?
M= And I need to know if you could maybe do something to help me?...(please note I was being extremely polite during this)
S= And WHO are you?
M= I'm mandalf0688.
S=Well are they the wire frames? If they are wire frames that will happen.
M=No they aren't wire frames.
S=Well are they plastic?
M=No. They are not plastic. But they're not a thin wire either. They're a full frame.. kinda like metal.
S=So they're WIRE! If they're wire, we put a polycarbonate lens in them... and that will sometimes happen with them.
M=Okay.. well I dont think theyre wire. But can I at least get replacement lenses or something? I really can't see with these.
S= *sigh as if I am bothering her SO much by calling her to do her job* Hold on.. I'll find your file. But just know that if they are over a year old we can't do anything for you because they wont be under warranty.
M= 0_0. (by now I'm just feeling confused and a bit aggravated. Shes had an attitude for no reason since she picked up. And Ive been staying very polite. After all, I'm not going to be rude and catty because, hey, I NEED this eyedoctor's help. After about 15 minutes she FINALLY comes back
S=Yea... theyre over a year old. Theyre REALLY old....we can't do anything for you. If you want you could drop of your glasses and Dr. Eyedoctor can MAYBE send them out and get you new lenses.
M=Okay! Thats great. But, is there anyway he could maybe get the lenses shipped to him or something? I dont have another pair of current glasses and I cant see diddlysquat without these ones. *chuckle chuckle* Im looking at the phonebook in front of me and its a fuzzy blob.
S=Well THATS why you should have a second pair.
M=>_< (now im just REALLY mad. Shes being really rude). Well, I dont have the money for a new pair sweetie. (okay.. i got a little rude there. Not snappish... just not so polite)
S=Well THAT'S what you have INSURANCE for!

Now THIS is where I get REALLY mad. She should KNOW by LOOKING in my file that my insurance only allows me ONE new pair of lenses OR ONE new set of contacts a year. I REALLY like my current frames so at my last appointment I got a new set of contacts instead. And these lenses aren't all that old anyway. They are 2 years old.

I gotta say, its a darn good thing my mother was in the other room, because I had to hand the phone over to her before I went off on this secretary. There was no reason for her to be rude. My mom some how managed to get us in to the doctor right then. So we go in and the doctor (who is also the owner/boss of his office) is waiting for me. Of course the secretary is all playing nicey-nice because she heard me tell my mother that we were switching doctors and that I wasnt pleased she was being such a b*tch to me and because she doesnt want me to tell her boss about her attitude.

Things turned out just fine in the end as my doctor agreed something was horribly wrong with my lenses, and had S look up my insurance and see that since it is the new year I can actually get a new pair of frames. Hurray! :)  So, I picked out a new pair that is the exact frame of my current ones but  just a different color.  He also said he is going to send out my old frames to the company and see if they will put it new lenses for a discounted price, about $40, since they are no longer under warranty.

It sucks because this means that until either pair come in I am stuck wearing my contacts (which get very dry) I DO have an old pair of frames, but they are 4 years old and a 2 lens difference from my current prescription. He said I can wear them around the house but CANNOT drive with them. There is also a chance that the company that does the lenses will not replace my old ones for a discount since they are so hold. I think they SHOULD replace them though since it is OBVIOUSLY a defect.  Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. (no pun intended :P)

Tags: *medical/pharmacy, eyeballs, first do no harm?

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