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Question of "bad service"

I was curious on everyones opinion on something.

Is it concidered bad service, or just rude, to ask "Can you hold?" and not even wait for a response, or even pause after you ask, but just put them straight on hold?

Also, Is it bad service to hollar to ask someone else in the store a question while your on the phone with a guest, not even saying "Let me ask"?

I can't decide if I'm being picky or not, but I work the phones at a department store and would NEVER do either of these.

I was ordering pizza for my husband and I and this is twice now that this Pizza hut lady has done this two us (The hold bit, and the hollaring). It does bother me, but there are no other Pizza huts who will deliver to us :(

Am I being being nit-picky, or should I call back and let a manger know how rude I find this person? She does it everytime we order and she makes me feel like I'm ruining her night by simply ordering a pizza (Its the way she talks. Very snippy, rude. "Uh, I need your phone number if you want the pizza" Kinda comments.)

If this isn't something we're allowed to post, feel free to delete. :D

***Edit*** After reading everyones comments (Thank you!) I think I was being too harsh and just getting extra annoyed extra quick with her. Thank you all for your comments, I really do apprechaite them!
Tags: a wave of understanding, debate, helpful comments
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