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From a While Back

Another post in another community reminded me of this instance that happened a few years ago.

When a friend of mine got engaged a while back, he and his fiance agreed to have a small ceremony, and a large reception. They had the ceremony on the date they wanted, but it took a few months to get the location they wanted to have the reception in.

They rented a bar near where they both worked (and met) for three hours. They paid for an open bar, full buffet, etc. The works.

The reception started at 6 on a Saturday. There was some confusion as to what an "open bar" meant. My friend argued with the bartender that he had arranged for his guests to be able to order what they wanted, but the bartender claimed that "open bar" only applied to beer. Unwilling to run the risk of being charged twice, my friend and his wife circulated and apologized to the guests while asking them to only order beer.

Then, the food did not get served until 7. This came after half an hour of my friend asking when the food would be served, and the manager assuring him that it will be out any minute.

So, finally, at 7, the party is in full swing. We have music chosen by the bride and groom. The dance floor is open. The buffet is open. There are games available to play (my friend and I are members of a gaming company in addition to our day jobs.)

At some point after 7:30 but before 7:45, the food is removed and cleaned away. At ten-till eight, my friend and his wife circulate again to apologize to the guests. We had to clean up all of the games because the manager made the decision to open the bar to the public. He said that the guests at the patio bar were upset because it was raining, and so he was opening our section an hour early.

We got all the games cleaned up and were taking them out to the cars when the doors opened. Most of the guests decided at that time to leave. I know of at least two groups that left to go and get something to eat.

A few of us stayed. Out of almost 100 guests, less than a dozen of us came back after taking games, presents, etc. out to the vehicles. We went to get a final round when the kicker happened. It was noticed that the public guests were getting "free beer" at the bar.

My friend went off on the manager. He cornered him by the bar and went point by point down the list of the many ways the contract was breached. I remember him saying that if he didn't hear from the Event Coordinator by end of business day the following Monday, he would be in the office expecting to talk to her boss on Tuesday.

The worst part? After two weeks of arguing with the business about the bad service and refusing to pay any of the bill until some charges were removed, my friend's wife accidentally (or, so she says) paid them. They still paid full price for everything they had asked for, even though they had received so little.

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