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So I'm stuck with a bit of minor bad service at the moment.

I bought a new car back on Dec 29th or 30th. Everything went well, paid for it all at once, no problems with that. I had to have them replace a couple parts due to the engine light coming on, but even then they did that immediately and without argument.

However I was also supposed to get my license plates about two weeks into January and it was only after I ordered two nice plate covers that it dawned on me I hadn't heard back from them about my plates. So I started calling.

Last Wednesday - No answer, called 10+ times all day and I know they weren't closed.
Last Thursday - "Oh they should have been in by now...we'll see what's going on and give you a call." No call all day.
Last Friday - Same story, they should have been in but aren't. Got told that dude is picking things up on Tuesday, to call back Wednesday.

So I called back yesterday morning. Again with the "OH I remember you, yeah they should have been here by now. I posted a note on my desk to go get that stuff today for you. What's your number, we'll call back this afternoon." Gave my number, no call back.

Problem is, I need to double check my temp this morning in my window and make sure it hasn't expired. If it has, I'm personally driving down there this morning when they open and raising hell. I'm tired of getting jerked around with no call backs after I was supposed to have them back in January.

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