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I work at "The Henry Ford" (Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, a huge museum, indoors and outdoors, devoted to history, particularly industrial history). The service there is quite good, so I have nothing to whine about there. However..............
I was hired there three years ago, and I clearly remember my first training session. Of course, they talk about good service at the training sessions, but at the first one, we get to tell our stories of bad service, and it really never gets old. I could fill a livejournal with other people's stories, but I'll tell mine instead.
My friend was making a movie. We had just finished up a shoot, and we decided to go to Burger King for a snack. We got there and got our food (a salad for me, silly vegetarians) and ate for awhile. Then Brandon went to the bathroom. He returned, and Tom asked if it was clean. Brandon said it was fine, so Tom went in. No joke, it took him twenty minutes to return. Whe he came bouncing back, he yelled at Brandon, saying "you said the bathroom was clean!" Brandon said, "no I meant my stall, I didn't check the whole thing!" Tom went to the counter to say that one whole stall was smeared in an unknown person's feces. The clerk handed him a rag! Yuck! We left really fast.
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