Katieeee (new_caprica) wrote in bad_service,

Wendy's TF

Minor suck here but still a little weird...

I never really eat fast food since the quality tends to makes me sick, but I was running late to an appointment and hadn't eaten all day so I decided to stop by Wendy's and get something small to hold me over til I could get real food. The drive thru conversation went as such:

Drive Thru Person: Welcome to Wendy's blah blah
Me: Hey, can I get a jr. cheeseburger with no pickles or onions, medium fries and a medium diet coke
DTP: Do you want to get the jr. deluxe cheeseburger meal instead? you get more food!
Me: No that's okay, thanks
DTP: Are you sure? It's less expensive and you get a large fries and large soda
Me: No I'm okay, just what I ordered
DTP: So... you don't want the deluxe meal?
Me: No.
DTP: Okay, but it'd be a better deal...
Me: ....
DTP: .... it'll be $$ at the window

I looked at the little screen and it seemed to be my order so that was fine...

I pulled up to the window and gave her money... I wasn't really paying attention to the price... and after I drive away I realize she gave me the deluxe meal anyway!! (which included pickles and onions on it, boo). She changed my order while I was driving up to the window, wtf? C'mon lady... I said no THREE times, I don't really care if it saves me a dollar or so, I just don't want more fries and an extra beef patty. I understand the initial up-sell but I don't get why she was so insistent on me getting "more food for less" to the point of deciding it FOR ME. Maybe the employees are supposed to make meals happen more? Some people don't want that extra food, and I'm pretty strict about my calorie intake so that was annoying to me.

Anyway, just another reason to avoid fast food in the future. I'll admit I ate the stupid deluxe cheeseburger and all the fries and it was very satisfying at the time, but I felt guilty later. Damn you Wendy's!
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