♥ I found my star ♥ (foundmystar) wrote in bad_service,
♥ I found my star ♥

10:30am I get a knock on my door. It's "Lars", one of the maintenance men that is always in a bad mood and has a bad temper. I've had issues with him before, like him getting in my face over something some else did. I told his superior, to which the superior told me I'm an adult and need to deal with it myself then tried to turn the tables and find a way to blame me.

In any case.. When he knocked, I happen to be not dressed appropriately since my 1.5yr old let me sleep in and we'd woken up a half hour before, so I throw on a hoodie. I open the door..

Lars: "I need to inspect the water heater" and begins to step inside without being invited first
Me: (very polite) "okay, that's fine, just please next time make sure to give me 24 hours notice"
Lars: (jiggles a ring of keys at me and gets an attitude) "If you weren't home I'd use the keys to come right in."
Me: (still nice) "Well, the law does state you have to give me 24 hours notice"
Lars: (anger growing) "I don't have to give notice, I just got these orders today myself"
Me: "It doesn't matter, just next time make sure to give notice since it is the law"

The door to the basement is in my living room. I have it blocked off with a baby gate and a child proof door knob device. As soon as he came in, I tried to get in front of him so I could move the other baby gate I have up, so my daughter is enclosed in the living room and won't go upstairs, and I was going to pick her up and hold her until he left. But he just dominated his angry self ahead of me, removed the 1st gate,handed it to me, got to the basement door then removed the other gate to get in the basement (they're not attached to anything since there is no place to actually securely bolt them down) and left the basement door open...while still having attitude.

As I put the gate down I say "please stop arguing with me." My daughter bolted for the basement and I got her just in time. She had gotten to the doorway. This is where I got mad and yelled "You left the door open so my daughter could fall down the stairs!" (I didn't know he had left it open until I had turned from setting the 1st gate down). He sounded like a angry valley girl "Oh my god, I'll be down here for 2 seconds". 2 seconds is all it takes for a kids to tumble down stairs. I'm not psychic, I didn't know it was going to take "2 seconds". He was here for a minute anyway.

This all happened so fast, but towards the end I was shaking. When he came back up he slammed the basement door shut, but didn't put the gate back. I was nice and removed the other gate so he could leave, and all he did was mumble angrily as he slammed my door shut.

If I tell his superior, all I'll get is another e-mail saying to be an adult and deal with it myself. If I tell the superiors boss, they won't care either, as I've already complained about him and they said they can't do anything since he's voted into his position. This entry is just to vent this out. My husband is back in the military, so we'll be getting orders to move very soon.
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