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The only thing I'm involved with is being awesome

Slightly WTF Service at the Sleep Specialist

A while back, my doctor decided that he wanted me to take a sleep test, which I failed (and I'm aware that it takes a special brand of fail to not be able to sleep correctly, but whatever), so last week I got a call from a local sleep clinic who informed me that my doctor sent them a referral and they wanted me to set me up with an appointment to see a specialist.

I fill out the giant stack of papers they send me and show up a good twenty minutes early (because I'm a good patient like that) for my appointment today. I hand over the manifesto of my sleep habits and my insurance card and take a seat.

A couple minutes later they call me back up and inform me that they haven't received any referral from my doctor.

"But you guys called me when you got the referral, I didn't just make the appointment on my own." (to be honest, before last week, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a sleep specialist, I'd just been hoping for a prescription for Ambien or something)

The girl behind the counter shrugs and tells me that they have to reschedule the appointment for next week.

I'm not going to be a bitch because I'm sure it's not her fault, just some miscommunication or lost paperwork - not a huge deal, I'm unemployed, so it's not like I have a terribly busy schedule to work around.

Girl at the counter: I have next Wednesday at 8:45 or 10:30

Me: 8:45 would be great.

She takes out one of those appointment cards, writes the date and all on it.
Girl at the counter: So, 10:30?

Me: Or... you know, 8:45 would be okay, too.

Girl at the counter: Oh... did you say 8:45?

Me: Yeah... if it's still available...? (it's a tiny office, one window, not like they've got 70 other people in the back making appointments)

Girl at the counter: Actually... 8:30. I have 8:30 available.
She hands me over an appointment card that says 10:30.

Me: 8:30 would be fine. So... 8:30, then?
I grab a pen from the counter and scratch out 10:30

Girl at the counter: No, 8:45

I write down 8:45.

Girl at the counter: No... wait... 8:30.

I write down 8:30.

Girl at the counter: No... 10:30. All I have available is 10:30...

I scratch out 8:30 and very slowly write in 10:30..

Me: Okay, so 10:30, next Wednesday?

Girl at the counter (in a kind of peevish tone): Yes!

(I'm not saying it's the worst service ever, hell, I know I'm lucky to have health insurance, but so far this is the only impression I've got of this office and it doesn't exactly instill me with confidence.)
Tags: ^annoyance, beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, bedside manners, cool story bro!, i call crazy bananas!
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