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Story of my life.

Insurance woes!

So on Thursday January 28, 2010, I was rear-ended. I was at a complete stop when someone slammed into the back of me and pushed me forward into the car in front of me. I'm fine, my brother is fine, guys in the other van are fine, whatever. Cops come, we move our cars out of the street, and we get down to business. He gets both sides of the story, and issues the citation to the other driver (the one who hit me.) I am handed a copy of his insurance information, which then gets handed to my parents (who are the title owners of the car). That weekend I leave town with a friend, to come back Monday.

Monday, February 1st, my father calls their insurance company, Selective Insurance. He finds that the person who hit me (a local AC company) hasn't even REPORTED the accident yet. Yep, that's right, the owner of the severely damaged "victim" car had to report the collision to the OTHER insurance agency. He is told that they cannot tell him anything until they talk to the driver of the van, and as far as a rental "get one and we'll reimburse you." ...yeah not happening. So this is all fine and dandy, since we ASSUME they're going to get the other driver on the phone.

Thursday, February 4th, my father calls back to find out that the insurance company "has to wait for the police report." Which, at this point, can be pulled up online. So my father does that and faxes it to them. They tell him they'll get in touch with me shortly to get a statement, and also that they haven't decided liability yet because they're doing their own "investigation" to find out whether or not I was really at fault! (even though the citation was clearly issued to their insured driver). Oh, and that they're not going to pay to store my broken down car past the next day, nor are they going to pay to tow it anywhere else. AND they still haven't talked to the driver at fault. The next day (2/5), a rep named Amber calls me and records my statement which was as follows: The car in front of me stopped short and suddenly. I braked and was able to come to a complete stop. The van behind me hit me and pushed me into the car in front of me. The car in front of me fled the scene. End. That's all. I think 'Great! Things are finally progressing.'

Yesterday (Monday 2/8) my parents tell me that Selective sent them a letter in the mail stating that they refused to pay for storage past 2/5 and that they were not going to tow it anywhere else. They also said that since they hadn't established liability, my parents would have to pay the FULL $475 and wait to be reimbursed by the company. Fabulous. Well, we have to do this, because we can't afford to incur more fees, so today (2/9) we drive to where it was stored and work everything out (the guy ended up giving us a free tow because the place we wanted it towed to was only about a mile down the road.) and I get pictures of my pitiful car and grab some stuff out of it.

Still haven't heard from the insurance company about anything. Still don't know when they'll get an adjustor out there to look at the stupid car. STILL DON'T KNOW IF THEY'VE TALKED TO THE DRIVER.

ughhh past being frustrated, are there any laws (NC) about reporting accidents in a timely manner or ANYTHING. I'm almost at my wits end with these people.

ETA: I only have liability on my own car. In case this needs to be mentioned.
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