Christina (rainshowers) wrote in bad_service,

Walmart Employee, wth?

This isn't a super big OMG TERRIBLE thing, but it's something that really annoyed me today.

We're supposed to be getting this huge snowstorm tomorrow, blah blah, we went shopping for supplies. I picked up a few junk foody things: a box of animal crackers and those YUMMY Reese's eggs. I have a two year old, who was sitting in the front of the cart while we were shopping. I took the items listed and put them in the cart without him seeing them, as he's two and seeing anything he wants results in a breakdown. Gotta love those terrible twos!

So we get to the register, my husband is putting stuff on the belt, I'm entertaining/playing with my son, la di da. I push him up so my husband can put the bags in the back of the cart and he starts talking to the cashier. She's friendly, smiles at him and they're talking. I look over him to ask my husband to be careful with the eggs or something of that sort, and when I look back down my son has the animal crackers in his hands.

I assume he's grabbed them off the belt while I was talking, so I put them back down and redirect him. She says, "Oh, I handed him those," and hands them BACK. No, 'Hey is it ok if I give your kid these?' Or even 'Are these his?'

I'm just kind of like... awesome. I tell him those aren't his, I have other stuff for him, and I redirect him again. The cookies go in a bag in the cart. The cashier gets to the Reese's, and tries to hand those to him, too. This time, I intercept and say, "Can you please put those in the bag?"

"OH," and she throws them in.

Like... really? On what planet do you offer a child anything without asking a parent? Not once, not twice, but three times? Especially after you saw me take the cookies away twice? I don't get it.
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