Jen (jenria17) wrote in bad_service,

Put the cell phone down!

This is minor bad service, but it's getting annoying.

3 times now in the past week, I've had to repeat myself multiple times at the order-box at McDonald's. Sometimes simple orders (1 sweet tea), sometimes complex (multiple teas/combos, etc). The common factor? When I've pulled around, the employee was *talking* on her cell phone while trying to take orders! I understand emergencies, but 3 times? And the conversations didn't sound urgent, given that I got to overhear part of it as she took my money, told the person on the phone to hold on a second, then ask the person at the drive-thru to repeat themselves.

Like I said, minor. But still annoying. And I did mention it to a manager when he was working the pick-up window, but it's still happening. It's just the only McDonald's that doesn't fill the cup so much with ice that there's only 3 sips of tea (my gripe with the next-closest McDonald's), or give me unsweet!

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