Kisara (kisarax) wrote in bad_service,

NO. Give me my ID back, jerk.

At a gas station with friends.

I bought some gas for my friend who was taking me home, so I'm paying inside cause it's a very small gas station. I give the man my card, and he asks for my ID which I oblige.

Man stops dead cold, puts my card and my ID in his till.
Script format.

Man: This isn't your card or ID. I am confiscating it for fraud, and will be calling the cops.
Me: What the hell man? That's my card and ID. Did you read the names?!
Man: But your ID doesn't look like you. The card isn't yours either.
Me: Call the cops. You're stealing from me. I cannot believe you don't notice the only difference from the ID photograph is the fact I wear glasses now.

I proceeded to be a bit of a nuisance and take my glasses off and on to show the obvious.

Man: You have other forms of ID?
Me: Yeah, but I'm not letting you touch it. You're likely to take it too.

The cashier called the cops, so I'm throwing a slight fit with my friend who's about to go off on the guy.

Cops come about 5 minutes later and get my card and ID from the cashier.

Cops look like they are about to smack the man in the head once they look at everything.

C1: You have another form of ID?

I showed my school ID, and for the hell of it I had my SS card on me for a job thing.

C1: Thanks.
You run her card for her purchase and lets all move on here.

Cashier does as he's told with a grumble. Cops ask me if I want to do anything since he was completely in the wrong. I shake my head, take my stuff and leave.

I don't know what the hell the cashier was thinking. Yeah, I got my ID five years ago. (It's still valid for two years.) I wear glasses now...I STILL look like a 16 year old kid, just with better makeup skills.

Yeah, so not going to that station ever again.
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